4 Stocks to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Be Healthier, More Attractive & Wealthier in 2016Basic New Year’s resolutions (i.e. lose 10 pounds) are just that: basic. Here’s how to make your 2016 healthier, more attractive, and wealthier…

Most of us declare simple goals we can achieve without too much fuss and bother. After all, taking things in small chunks instead of all at once make sense for resolutions.

Among the top resolutions: Healthy eating, exercise, looking our best, and showing it all off after the results are in.

But where’s the “make a lot more money” part?

With ALL of the aforementioned goals in mind, look at these four stocks in 2016 to get you where you want to be…

How to Be Healthier, More Attractive & Wealthier in 2016Weight Watchers (WTW)

Starting today, nothing will be as heavily advertised as Weight Watchers (WTW)…ok, maybe except cars, Doritos, and beer.

But make no mistake, this is where people start out on the resolution trail, with the goal of losing weight as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Enter the king of the sector, Weight Watchers, and its new queen, Oprah Winfrey, who took a 10% stake in the company in November.

Along with bust-out earnings for the third quarter and upbeat guidance, WFW sported a 13% gain over the last three months, helping to cut down on what’s been a difficult year.

Hey, if Oprah’s in, why wouldn’t you want part of that? Say whatever you want about her, but she’s mega-successful, and that energy and brainpower will help WTW into 2016.

Buying WTW is a great first step in the portfolio and that first resolution. Now let’s move on to our next one…

How to Be Healthier, More Attractive & Wealthier in 2016Whole Foods (WFM)

Natural, organics foods are a good start to total health, and Whole Foods (WFM) is the poster child for the brand.

Meats, seafood, bakery items, you name it. You can find it all at WFC, along with where it’s grown and produced.

WFM has taken a bit of a beating this year, along with most of its sector, but what can get your through for awhile is its dividend, which stands at 14 cents per share quarterly.

WFM is working toward improving profitability by scaling back on its some of its expense metrics (read: layoffs), and InvestorPlace’s Serge Berger is bullish based on this technical analysis charts.

Here’s the best news on WFM: In your quest toward completing those resolutions, you can count on great food aimed at your overall health.

We’ve worked on the diet, now let’s go on to the exercise part…

How to Be Healthier, More Attractive & Wealthier in 2016Fitbit (FIT)

While I’ll acknowledge that I’ve been a bit snarky on Fitbit (FIT), the fact is that, at a minimum, it makes some really cool fitness-tracking gadgetry.

For all of its faults and difficulty in a crowded market, FIT is only down just over 1% for the year––a strong performance under the circumstances.

What should help over time is the gigantic growth expected in the marketplace. IDC expects the fitness-tracker sector to explode from 22 million units sold in 2014 to 66 million in 2019.

With that kind of growth and a product line-up that should continue to expand, Fitbit just might surprise everyone through 2016.

OK, we’re eating well and working out. It’s time to bang out our next resolution: looking great…

How to Be Healthier, More Attractive & Wealthier in 2016Under Armour (UA) or Nike (NKE)

We’ve had this contest before, and will it be one that lasts for a very long time between fitness and competitive gear makers Under Armour (UA) and Nike (NKE).

On one end is oak-sturdy Nike, which continues to dwarf its competition in revenue, profits, and market capitalization. Nike is the best-performing stock to date among the Dow Jones Industrial Average, up nearly 34% during 2015. Coming off a 2-1 split, it’s even affordable!

Meanwhile UA has fallen back a bit from its stratospheric run earlier this year, but still sits up over 21% year-to-date.

Bottom line: take your pick. Chances are you won’t go too wrong in your portfolio or on your slick style, whether it’s while working out, just plain working, going to a game, or strolling down the street.

Good luck! Remember, that journey starts with one step.

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