New Disappearing Tattoo Ink Fades After a Year (or So)

The ink can also be removed earlier

By William White, InvestorPlace Writer

Ephemeral is a company that’s working on disappearing tattoo ink that fades after about one year under the skin.

Disappearing Tattoo Ink
Source: Wikipedia

The disappearing tattoo ink created by the company is housed inside of small structures. These structures are designed to last for about one year before breaking up. After this point, the tattoo will start to quickly break down and disappear.

The company’s disappearing tattoo ink can also be removed whenever the wearer chooses with a solution that is added to the skin by a tattoo machine. The company is currently testing the ink on pigs before launching it for human use next year, reports Geek.

“Application and removal are exactly the same,” Ephemeral CEO Seung Shin told Mic. “It will still hurt; the amount of pain will be identical to a regular tattoo.”

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