VIRAL VIDEO: Man Physically Dragged Off Overbooked United Airlines Flight

A video of a man being kicked off of a United Continental Holdings Inc’s (NYSE:UAL) United Airlines flight is going viral.

VIRAL VIDEO: Man Physically Dragged Off Overbooked United Airlines FlightThe viral video is only about 30 seconds long and doesn’t give much insight into what all was happening before the event. All it shows is the man being physically dragged from the United Airlines plane after attempting to resist security.

The viral video was taken at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. It was shared on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) by Audra Bridges, who was one of the passengers on the United Airlines flight. According to Bridges, the man was a doctor and refused to give up his seat. The flight was overbooked and he reportedly said he needed to be at a hospital in the morning.

The viral video of the man being removed from the United Airlines flight currently has over 512,000 views, 2,000 reactions, 5,800 shares and 170 comments.

Here are a few comments from Facebook users that saw the video.

  • “Never flying this airline again… great way to treat passengers, like they’re objects and just another reservation number.”
  • “If I payed for that seat I own it till the plane lands this is bs hope he sues.”
  • “Sues for what? Look at your ticket contract. They can bump anyone they want. When you refuse to follow the captain’s orders, LEOs get involved and will remove you with force.”
  • “No one got up. No one boycotted their flight tho”
  • “Why didn’t he comply with orders? Not trying to argue. Just wondering.”
  • “This is unfortunately not a good situation, however they were not a standby crew. They were a must ride crew, meaning that they had to be on that flight to be repositioned in order to fly another plane full of people. Not saying this is appropriate but if randomly chosen to exit, then complying is always the best option.”

You can follow this link to see the video for yourself.

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