Ocean City, Maryland to Allow Topless Sunbathing on Beaches

Ocean City, Maryland is going to allow women to go topless on beaches this summer.

Ocean City, Maryland to Allow Topless Sunbathing on Beaches

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The decision to allow topless women on the beaches in Ocean City, Maryland has to do with a request to Worcester County’s Attorney General. The request came from Chelsea Covington, who asked the county’s Attorney General to examine the law that bars topless women last year.

Rather that weigh in on the law himself, Worcester County Attorney General Beau Oglesby sent the matter to the Maryland Attorney General. However, the office has yet to give an opinion on the matter.

Due to there not being an opinion from the Maryland Attorney General’s office, Beach Patrol employees are being told not to approach or admonish topless women on the beach. This even includes if complaints are made by others on the beach. Instead, they are to record the complaints.

Women that want to go topless at beaches in Ocean City, Maryland will have to enjoy it while they can. The mayor of Ocean City and the City Council are both opposed to the act. They are considering legal action to stop women from going topless at the city’s beaches, reports Time.

The Ocean City Police Department may still have to deal with complaints of topless women on the city’s beaches. However, it says that it will be handling the complaints on a case-by-case basis. The law on being topless in Maryland is unclear, which is why there is conflict over it.

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