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New iPhone 8 Leaks, Courtesy Of Apple Inc. (AAPL)

It looks like Apple is leaking info about its upcoming iPhone 8

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I’m not an expert in Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) HR policies but I think someone might be getting a write up this week. Through the HomePod firmware, a lot of information was gleaned about the upcoming, still unannounced iPhone 8. The new iPhone 8 leaks are especially interesting because they come straight from Apple. Not since the infamous lost iPhone 4 incident have we seen Apple inadvertently leak such solid information about one of their upcoming devices. So, what is confirmed by these new iPhone 8 leaks?

New iPhone 8 Leaks

Image Source: Guilherme Rambo / Twitter (screenshot)

Developer Guilherme Rambo has been Tweeting about the juicy tidbits of information he has found in the code for the HomePod speaker that reveal previously unconfirmed details about the new iPhone 8. Obviously Apple won’t be happy that this information has leaked and the release of the HomePod firmware with such sensitive details inside was a major mistake. But, we can’t worry about how Apple executives feel about the mistakes made at their company so let’s dive into what was discovered.

First, the design of the new iPhone 8 appears to have been confirmed. We have seen numerous rendered images of the iPhone 8 but, obviously, nothing is ever for sure until we see it on stage at an Apple conference… Or until Apple accidentally leaks an illustration of the design in their own firmware. The design is definitely in-line with what we have seen from the renders over the past few weeks. Obviously a small illustration doesn’t give a very detailed look but it does confirm what we have expected for quite some time: a nearly bezel-less design and the death of the home button. Take a look for yourself:

The internal name for the new iPhone 8 is “D22.” I think iPhone 8 has a nicer ring to it, personally. As you can see, the new OLED screen that will supposedly be included in the iPhone 8 will wrap around the small cutout that appears at the top of the screen. That cutout is the only bezel-like feature to speak of. That’s where the earpiece can be found as well as the front-facing camera and some sensors. Speaking of sensors…

Apple seems to have confirmed one of the most exciting new iPhone 8 features: the 3D face scanning that has been rumored for months. It has been speculated that Apple has been working on a method for unlocking the iPhone 8 that uses the shape of the user’s face. Other than those rumors, not much was known about the feature or if it even existed.

Now, we can confidently say that Apple has something up its sleeve. There is some code that suggests D22 will have a front-facing infrared camera. That gives us an idea about how the 3D face scanning will work. It appears that infrared will be involved in the process in some way. This makes sense as it would ensure that unwanted users can use something like a photo or 3D build to access the device. The infrared would scan the face and use heat to help create an image that can be used to unlock the device, authorize Apple Pay purchases, and access secure apps.

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