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The Oreo Mystery Flavor Answer: What Is It?

We now know what the Oreo mystery flavor is.

The Oreo Mystery Flavor Answer: What Is It?

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The new Oreo mystery flavor that the brand has been selling for the a couple of months now is Fruity Pebbles. Yeah, you read that right. The mystery flavor is based on the breakfast cereal of the same name.

The reveal of the new Oreo mystery flavor comes after months of guessing on the brands social media accounts. While the flavor has been out for some time now, the cookie maker is only just now announcing what the flavor it, reports Fortune.

“It was a mystery for the ages. That is, the stone ages,” Oreo said on its Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) page yesterday, “The Mystery OREO cookie flavor is FRUITY PEBBLES TM cereal.”

Here are some of the responses from Facebook users on the post announcing the Oreo mystery flavor.

  • “Oreo, YOU HAVE TO STOP. Everyone was happy with just Oreos. Just regular, black and white Oreos. Nobody asked for fruit flavored Oreos.”
  • “But, but……they already did that. I was hoping the mystery flavor would be something new. Booooo! LOL”
  • “See, now while I knew that was the flavor, the only reason I didn’t write that down was because you put out Fruity Pebble Oreos already which to me, doesn’t make that up there a ‘mystery’ or new flavor.”
  • “Um… Oreo. You did Fruity “Pebbles” Oreos in Summer ‘16. Except that time you did them properly with a golden cookie instead of chocolate.”
  • “I WAS RIGHT ?? they were probably just trying to get rid of the extra fruity pebbles oreos because they already had these. ?”

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