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Summer Reading – Made in America: Inside Stories of Success

Michael Shulman's outlook for GM is likely to surprise you.


As suspicions rise concerning the economic validity in global markets like China, Michael Shulman’s newest book, Made in America, gives investors a reason to once again believe in and buy America. Shulman, who is also the advisor of Options Income Blueprint, paints a vivid and optimistic picture of four companies that are doing it right and how they have transferred corporate success into economic well being and professional achievement for their employees and communities. The message, both simple and complex, is clear for other companies: Treat your employees and your customers well, and success will follow.

Made in America is based on Shulman’s extensive factory visits of Red Wing Shoes, Trek Bicycles, Thor Industries (THO) – the makers of Airstream travel trailers – and General Motors (GM). Yes, General Motors, and a particularly compelling part of the book reviews and dispels the myths and realities surrounding U.S. manufacturing. And, of interest to traders, two of the four companies are publicly held and they are knocking it out of the park right now: THO and GM.

It’s an uplifting takeaway coming off of multiple quarters of bottom-line increases and “restructuring exercises.”

But Shulman points out that what these four firms are doing well isn’t necessarily indicative of what you’ll find in all American corporations. However, he does offer deep insight into where these four companies are getting it right, making this a valuable resource for business owners and managers of all levels.

What we have always enjoyed about Shulman’s investing advisories is that he leaves no rock unturned, and Made in America: Inside Stories of Success remains true to that. Whether it’s tracking down a biotech CEO at a remote conference to get the real story around FDA approval, burning up phone lines to discuss earnings with executives or attending shareholder meetings to get one-on-one time with members of management teams, Shulman does the legwork so you don’t have to.

His candor is refreshing. One of our favorite excerpts:

“‘Michael,’ said my editor, Wendy White, with some hesitation, “the only problem I have with the Red Wing chapter is, well, you have written up a Norman Rockwell painting.’ I laughed and said thank you, thank you.  That is what I was trying to do. The damned thing is almost like a Norman Rockwell painting. If he were alive and doing covers about industry for The Saturday Evening Post, his first stop would be Red Wing.”

And it should be noted that Shulman isn’t a perma-bull or market cheerleader. He’s equally comfortable with bullish and bearish trades, and his 2009 book, Sell Short is a must-read for any investor who fears a down market. Understanding that there are ways to profit significantly in a downturn is an invaluable tenet for anyone who intends to make money in the market.

And regardless of an up or down outlook, Shulman always presents a fact-based view of his findings, along with his humor and honesty, which is exactly what you’ll find in this latest offering.

Made in America is available on Amazon and is a perfect read in time for the U.S. Independence Day on July 4.  Get your copies of Made in America today by visiting (AMZN).


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