Jeff Opdyke

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The Collapse of the American Consumer

May's jobs data shows that the US consumer is struggling. But there's much more to this picture, and the consequences are a key to your invesments

The Danger of the Fed’s Tall Tales

Don't believe anything saying a rate hike is on the table in July. It's not. The US won't see higher rates for years. Here's what that means to you

Blame the “Recovery” for Trump’s Success

We tell ourselves that the economy has recovered, that we have plenty of jobs, but Donald Trump's rise sheds light on the reality

Brexit Spells Ruin of EU, Strife for U.S.

If Brits vote to leave the EU in a Brexit, the repercussions will leave behind damage and destruction, particularly in America

How to Ride Oil’s Comeback

Don't believe the media, oil consumption is not declining; it's rising, and this ETF play is the right one for the real story of oil today