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Important News Regarding Your Membership

I’m sending you this week’s issue with important news regarding your membership.

For the last few months, my publisher and I have held high-level meetings about how we can best serve subscribers. The result of these meetings is that we will no longer publish Cannabis Cash Weekly.

This is a difficult decision. You know that I believe we are closer than ever to the decriminalization and ultimately full legalization of cannabis in the United States. I also believe this will be a huge catalyst for U.S.-based cannabis stocks, and that there is a lot of money to be made in those stocks.

While we wait for that day, the trading environment has deteriorated and limited our ability to buy stocks and generate income by selling call options against them. The Canadian cannabis stocks haven’t had enough juice in them, and very few U.S. stocks have options available right now.

As a result, it’s better for folks to invest in cannabis less for income and more for growth. The long-term upside potential in these stocks remains as big as ever, and the best way to make money is to invest in shares directly and hold them through the coming hypergrowth phase.

If you subscribe to my other newsletters, you probably know that this is the cornerstone of my wealth-building philosophy: Identify hypergrowth trends that are changing the world. Invest in the best stocks in those trends. And then hold those stocks – through the ups and downs – to realize the biggest profits over time.

I consider marijuana legalization one of those hypergrowth trends, and I recommend cannabis stocks in my Investment Opportunities and Early Stage Investor newsletters. Some are up big, and many have gotten hit. That makes for some great buying opportunities at current prices. Some are so cheap that they are almost like buying options. I am currently fine tuning the cannabis portfolios to make sure we are focused on the strongest stocks with the best potential heading toward legalization.

My message to you today is exactly what I would tell my family, my friends, and my private clients. The smartest cannabis investment strategy is to own shares in the best-positioned companies and let the hypergrowth story play out in the coming months and years.

Our one remaining holding, AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (MSOS), can certainly fit in that category because of its focus on U.S. companies. If you like the idea of owning a full ETF, I view it as a good long-term option. You can also do what I like to do, which is create our own ETF with only the best opportunities, so you are not forced to own the laggards as well.

We have had a great run in Cannabis Cash Weekly, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together. I just wish we had more income opportunities to take advantage of.

There is still a great long-term opportunity in cannabis stocks, and I plan to continue focusing on the best opportunities ahead in the march to legalization in my Investment Opportunities and Early Stage Investor newsletters.

I thank you for the trust you’ve placed in me. I take that trust extremely seriously.

I wish you much success in your investing.