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Most families have annual traditions as each year comes to a close. They travel miles and hours to spend time together. They wear matching pajamas and pose in front of Christmas trees. They cook massive turkeys, light candles, and drink far too much eggnog. But in the investing world, the traditions are a bit simpler. I’m talking about predictions… looking ahead at what will happen in the economy and stock market over the next 12 months. It’s time for me to provide my predictions for 2020, but let me first give you a quick review of the 10 predictions I laid out for 2019. Read More

The “Magic 9” Pot Stocks are the key to our entire strategy. These are the only marijuana stocks in the market available to us to sell covered calls on and generate big income. As the marijuana industry grows, this number will grow as well. In fact, we’re now up to 11 stocks. This report fills you in on these pipeline firms that make collecting large income streams possible. Read More

You can search for the secrets of wealth building in books… And you can search for them on the internet… But if you want to learn one of the great secrets of investing – a way to build great wealth safely and surely – just step outside and take a look around. One of the all-time greatest secrets of building wealth will look you right in the face. This special report will tell you all about this secret… and show how you can to put it to work in order to massively increase your level of financial freedom. Read More