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An economy runs on the power of its consumers, with blue-chip companies, such as Apple Inc., and up-and-coming firms, like Roku, powering modern innovation. Much like how consumers stay up to date with each iPhone release, smart investors must stay current on the latest trends and newest products to get a sense of where the cash is flowing.

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The Worst of the Selloff Is Over; Here’s How to Spot Winners

With selloffs, a volatile market and an uncertain U.S. Federal Reserve, be sure to watch conditions closely -- and stick with durable hypergrowth tech.

Quantum Computing Could Save the World. Here’s How It’s Already Happening.

The power of quantum computing drives a desperate need for quantum encryption. This megatrend is creating a multi-billion-dollar security market.

Metaverse Stocks to Buy to Survive a 2022 Market Crash

Microsoft (MSFT) announced acquisition of video game titan Activision (ATVI), implying metaverse stocks will soar in 2022.

What Does The Metaverse Mean For Non-Gamers?

But outside of gaming, there are plenty of applications for Metaverse technologies. Add them all up, and you start to see how the Metaverse could become worthy of the hype – and why investors should take notice. Let’s look at a few now.

Parler News: 14 Things to Know About the Twitter Alternative

Parler is gaining interest as the elections come to a close, but what exactly is the website, and why are conservatives flocking to it?

Boingo Wireless Stock Bounces on Launch of Wi-Fi 6 Network

Boingo Wireless (WIFI) stock is on the move Wednesday after revealing the launch of a new Wi-Fi 6 network in South America.

14 Things to Know About the Latest Tesla Model S Price Drop

A price drop is in effect for Tesla's (TSLA) Model S electric vehicle but it doesn't bring it anywhere close to its cheaper offerings.

13 Things to Know About the GameStop-Microsoft Deal

GameStop (GME) and Microsoft (MSFT) have signed a multi-year deal that includes several upgrades and a new offering for GME stores.

What Is 5G? Answer That Question and Upload Profits

Properly answering the question of what 5G is should lead to the most profit potential in both slow-growth and high-risk 5G stocks.

Walmart Drone Delivery: Pilot Program Takes Off in NC

Walmart (WMT) is testing out a drone delivery program in Fayetteville, N.C. to help customers get their groceries faster.

Instacart Data Breach? 8 Things for Customers to Know

Instacart is reportedly the victim of a data breach that has customers' info being sold online but the company says this isn't the case.

Self-Driving Cars Just Took a Big Leap Forward (Here’s How to Invest)

It’s no wonder Silicon Valley CEOs want their slice of the AV market. The question is: How can this translate into investor profits with self-driving car stocks?

Facebook Boycott 2020: 12 Things to Know About the July Protest

Facebook (FB) is facing a 2020 boycott this month that will have companies pulling ads from the social media platform over hate speech.

Crowd-Funded Piestro May Change Chain Pizza as We Know It

The company has a system that can quickly cook quality pizza. Oh, and investors also have a chance to invest in this startup through a crowdfunding campaign.

M&A News: Facebook Buys GIF Making Site Giphy for $400 Million

Facebook (FB) is the target of M&A news on Friday following its acquisition of GIF creation service Giphy for a total of $400 million.

6 Streaming Companies That Are Cutting Bitrates and Why

Streaming video companies, including Netflix, have cut video quality in Europe in order to reduce internet bandwidth usage.

Did Qualcomm (QCOM) Reveal A Key Piece of the New iPhone?

Chipmaker Qualcomm (QCOM) just announced its latest contribution to the 5G revolution. And Apple (AAPL) is sure to take notice.

Why I’m All In on 5G Stocks Now

5G is about much more than trade wars and faster downloads. Because 5G is 100 times faster than 4G, it’ll allow your internet devices to work in real time. That advancement is a game changer for tech companies.

The Best 5G Stocks for the Wireless Revolution

If the Super Bowl commercials and mainstream media coverage really brought 5G home for you…you might be wondering: Which 5G stocks make the best investment now?

Intel Layoffs 2020: 7 Things for INTC Stock Investors to Know

Intel layoffs 2020 will reportedly have the company cutting hundreds of jobs and many of those will likely be from its software division.