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An economy runs on the power of its consumers, with blue-chip companies, such as Apple Inc., and up-and-coming firms, like Roku, powering modern innovation. Much like how consumers stay up to date with each iPhone release, smart investors must stay current on the latest trends and newest products to get a sense of where the cash is flowing.

Tuesday Apple Rumors: MacBook Pro, Tesla Bid and ECG App

In the latest Tuesday Apple rumors, the tech giant announced a new MacBook Pro, the company revealed it bid to acquire Tesla and much more.

Spotify Confirms Hardware Ambitions With Voice-Controlled ‘Car Thing’

Will the newly announced Spotify Car Thing -- hardware for voice controlled music streaming in a vehicle -- have an upside for SPOT stock?

Sprint/T-Mobile Deal News: S Stock Skyrockets on Expected Approval

The Sprint/T-Mobile deal is getting much closer to being approved as the companies have agreed to a number of concessions. S stock is up 17%.

Monday Apple Rumors: iOS 12.4, UltraFine Display and Apple Watch News

In this week's Monday Apple rumors, the company seeded the second beta of its iOS 12.4, while some stores are carrying UltraFine displays.

How AI Stocks Will Shape the “Next Industrial Revolution”

Artificial intelligence (AI) stocks are set to flip the entire tech industry on its head and kick off a new era. As an investor, when you see a massive trend forming, it’s always worth taking a closer look.

Google Reconsiders Approach to Ending ‘Works With Nest’

Google quickly responded to backlash over its decision to end Works with Nest integration on Aug. 31, extending the program for users.

Friday Apple Rumors: Lady Gaga May Perform at Apple Park

Friday's Apple rumors include recent data about slowing iPhone user base growth, changes to its Investor website and more.

Osmo Action Could Put an End to the GoPro Stock Turnaround

GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) has seen its stock rise over 70% in 2019 as the company works to recover from several disastrous years, including a failed attempt...

5G Stocks: The Big Story Everyone’s Missing

I can’t believe how badly the media is downplaying the 5G revolution. They’re so focused on the U.S.-China trade war that they’re completely missing the epic battle over 5G.

AMD Stock Pops as Intel Suffers From ‘ZombieLoad’ Vulnerability

ZombieLoad is a new vulnerability affecting PCs and data center computers using Intel processors released since 2011.

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 11R Colors Leak

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include a new focus on the iPhone 6s, the launch of the first iOS 12.4 beta for developers and more.

Apple Stock Tumbles on Double Blow From App Store Lawsuit and Trade War

Apple stock dropped nearly 6% after the Supreme Court ruled against it in an App Store lawsuit, and the trade war with China heated up.

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Supports NFC Tags for Pay

Tuesday Apple Rumors include an empty-box scheme that costs AAPL $1 million, a statement regarding the recent Supreme Court ruling and more.

Facebook Minimum Wage 2019: Which U.S. Contractors Will Get Pay Raises?

The Facebook minimum wage is increasing and it means more money for select contractors living in certain parts of the U.S.

Monday Apple Rumors: More iPhone 11 Leaks Point to Square Camera Bump

Monday's Apple Rumors include a new ruling from the Supreme Court over the App Store, the release of iOS 12.3 to everyone and more.

Friday Apple Rumors: First iPhone 11R Renders Leak

Friday's Apple Rumors include the A13 chip entering mass production, some new features for the 2019 iPhone lineup and more.

Google Axes ‘Works With Nest’ — Here’s What to Know

Earlier this week, Alphabet’s (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google division kicked off its annual developer conference, Google I/O 2019. While the new affordable Pixel 3a smartphones got...

Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone 11 Case Leaks

Thursday's Apple Rumors include a patent about determining eye dominance for AR and VR headsets, a nifty listing on eBay and more.

5 Must-Have Tech Tools for Financial Advisors

With technology an increasingly important factor, we put together a list of 5 things would-be financial advisors should have to attract younger investors.

Wednesday Apple Rumors: 2019 iPhone XR May Feature Dual-Lens Camera

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include some plans for the company's rumored AirPods 3, Apple Pay coming to two banks in Iceland and more.