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An economy runs on the power of its consumers, with blue-chip companies, such as Apple Inc., and up-and-coming firms, like Roku, powering modern innovation. Much like how consumers stay up to date with each iPhone release, smart investors must stay current on the latest trends and newest products to get a sense of where the cash is flowing.

Friday Apple Rumors: OLED Screens, Keyboard Design and iPhone 11 Leaks

In Friday Apple rumors, Apple paid more than $600 million to Samsung for unrealized OLED display sales, while more iPhone 11 leaks are out.

5G Stocks: The Big Story Everyone’s Missing

I can’t believe how badly the media is downplaying the 5G revolution. They’re so focused on the U.S.-China trade war that they’re completely missing the epic battle over 5G.

Instagram Down Again? Where Outages Were Reported Today

Is Instagram down again? The photo-sharing app is facing an outage on Wednesday, affecting users of the Facebook-owned site across the globe.

VW Type 20: The Iconic Volkswagen Campervan Gets a Makeover

The VW Type 20 marks a new iteration of the iconic 1962 Volkswagen campervan as it now has a holographic display and a voice assistant.

Wednesday Apple Rumors: FaceTime Attention Correction Coming in iOS 13

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include a new data transfer feature coming in iOS 13, an annoying AirPods commercial for HomePod owners and more.

Cloudflare Outage July 2, 2019: The Affected Sites

There was a Cloudflare outage on July 2, 2019 that took down a number of cryptocurrency websites such as Coinbase, CoinMarketCap and more.

Tuesday Apple Rumors: iPhone With Fingerprint Sensor Under Screen May Come to China

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include the release of new betas for developers, approval from the FCC for a new MacBook Pro model and more.

Qualcomm’s New Processor Is An Underrated Game-Changer

QCOM stock has been all over the map of late, for understandable reasons. The new system on a chip, however, sets the stage for sustained growth from Qualcomm.

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple Holding Live Concerts in Stores

Monday's Apple Rumors include more leaked renders of the upcoming 2019 iPhone, Apple Music being good for indie labels and more.

Friday Apple Rumors: Mac Pro Won’t Be Made in the US

Friday's Apple Rumors include a new store coming to Singapore, Jony Ive leaving the company to make his own studio and more.

Tesla Model S Fire in Shanghai: 10 Things to Know

The reason behind the Tesla Model S fire in Shanghai in April has been revealed tanks to an investigation from the company and experts.

Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple May Be Investing in Japan Display

Thursday's Apple Rumors include a new Pokemon game coming to iOS this summer, more details about the 2015 MacBook Pro recall and more.

Square’s Embrace of Alternative Markets Could Drive SQ Stock Growth

Square stock could see growth if SQ targets underserved markets, including crypto currency and cannabis.

Wednesday Apple Rumors: 2019 iPhone Won’t Use Quantum Dot Camera

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include a new Democratic candidate guide on Apple News, AAPL acquiring self-driving car startup and more.

Will a Super Card Release in July Reignite Growth in Nvidia Stock?

NVDA is expected to announce and release new GeForce RTX Super cards in July. It's a move that counters AMD and could kickstart Nvidia stock.

EBay Crash Sale Takes Aim at Amazon Prime Day

An eBay Crash Sale will have the company looking to challenge Amazon Prime Day as part of a longer sale event for the month of July.

Flying Taxi News: 7 Things to Know About the Boeing-Kitty Hawk Partnership

Flying taxi news for Wednesday includes a new partnership between Boeing (BA) and Kitty Hawk that will have the two working together.

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Sends Out watchOS 6 Beta to Non-Developers

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a patent for an Apple Watch camera, new detailed renders of the upcoming iPhone 11 Max and more.

Monday Apple Rumors: 16-Inch MacBook Pro May Launch in September

Monday's Apple Rumors include public betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, another case leak with details for the iPhone 11 Max and more.

Verizon Outage: Why Cloudflare Was Down Today

A Verizon outage on Monday resulted in Discord and several other online services going down for around one hour.