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An economy runs on the power of its consumers, with blue-chip companies, such as Apple Inc., and up-and-coming firms, like Roku, powering modern innovation. Much like how consumers stay up to date with each iPhone release, smart investors must stay current on the latest trends and newest products to get a sense of where the cash is flowing.

Advanced Micro Devices has its Esports Game Together as it Takes on Intel

In esports AMD stock has a catalyst for growth. And while they will still have to compete with Intel in this space, there is plenty of room for both companies to thrive.

3 Reasons Why ROKU Stock Is Poised to Win as Cord-Cutting Booms

As a corded TV viewer for many years, I understood the benefits of streaming from afar. But after finally cutting the cord with ROKU, the bullish arguments for Roku stock have new meaning for me.

Why Only One in Three 5G Stocks is a Buy Now

At first 5G wireless was touted as just “faster downloads.” But it's much more than that. Economically, the 5G global infrastructure market is expected to grow far more than many other industries could ever imagine in just five years. So, let's look at your options for buying 5G stocks.

Here’s the Best Place for Your Money Today

Even if we do have a recession (and I don't think we will) … 5G isn’t going anywhere. That’s the type of investment you want to be in long term.

Monday Apple Rumors: iPhone SE 2 Will Feature New Antenna Design

Monday's Apple Rumors include the company asking for a lawsuit to be dismissed, battery tests of Dark Mode versus Light Mode and more.

Friday Apple Rumors: HKmap Live Saga Continues With Plea from Lawmakers

Friday's Apple Rumors include a possible icon for the next MacBook Pro, Quanta working with Apple on self-driving cars and more.

Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone Patent Reveals Way to Stabilize Content

Thursday's Apple Rumors include adoption rates for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, as well as a new beta of macOS Catalina 10.15.1.

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple TV+ Shows Already Getting Second Seasons

Wednesday Apple Rumors include new developer betas for iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2, a possible investigation into Apple Pay and more.

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Goldman Sachs Calls Apple Card Launch ‘Successful’

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a new update for Apple's iOS 13 mobile devices, a macOS Catalina supplemental update and more.

Monday Apple Rumors: iPhone SE 2 Will Start at $399

Monday's Apple Rumors include a new press website for Apple TV+, clarification concerning how Safari safe browsing works and more.

Yahoo Data Breach Settlement: How to Claim Your Compensation

Details about the Yahoo data breach settlement are in and that includes how affected users can claim compensation for the hack.

Friday Apple Rumors: iOS 13.2 Beta Causing Problems for iPad Pro Owners

Friday's Apple Rumors include a call for help to Apple from Hong Kong, a new developer beta for macOS Catalina 10.15.1 and more.

Flying Cars News: Boeing, Porsche Team Up on a Prototype eVTOL

Flying cars news continues to pick up momentum as Boeing (BA) and Porsche announce plans to team up on a new eVTOL project.

Is Shopify (SHOP) Stock the Right Buy in E-Commerce Now?

SHOP stock still hasn’t regained momentum since August’s sell-off. This is leaving some folks scratching their heads.

Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple Bans App Again

Thursday's Apple Rumors include complaints of strange iPhone 11 screen scratches, a new iOS 13.2 beta for developers and more.

Wednesday Apple Rumors: AR Glasses Reportedly Coming Early Next Year

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include changes to the MacBook Pro keyboard coming next year, an update for the Watch Series 4 and more.

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Developers Having Problems Porting Apps with Catalyst

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include the company leaking its Sleep app, a new patent for a possible Apple Pencil upgrade and more.

Drone Delivery News: Workhorse Group (WKHS) to Launch Pilot Program

Drone delivery news for Tuesday includes a new pilot program from Workhorse Group (WKHS) that will take place in San Diego.

Facebook App Mimicry Continues to Be a Headwind for SNAP Stock

It's a tough time for SNAP stock holders as Facebook launches a copycat photo messaging app.

5G Stocks: What the $12.3 Trillion 5G Battle Means for Investors

Invest in 5G stocks early, while this enormous technological shift is just getting underway. That’s how fortunes are made.