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Most people think of Washington and Wall Street as separate entities with no impact on one another. But what happens in D.C. can impact your portfolio, and what happens in the stock market could change policy that, in turn, affects your investments. InvestorPlace’s journalists walk the intersection of politics and finance, helping you better put your money to work no matter who’s calling the shots in the West Wing.

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A Biden Win Would Be Bad News for Energy Transfer Stock

With a very solid Q3 earnings report, Energy Transfer stock seems like a contrarian buy. However, the uncertain political environment could have negative implications for ET.

Since Trump Was a Disaster for ExxonMobil Stock, Biden Could Do Better

XOM Stock declined 60% during Trump's presidency as a rush of new drilling collapsed energy prices. Is this a good buying opportunity?

2020 Election: What It Means for D.C. and Puerto Rico Statehoods – and Your Wallet

The 2020 Election could add four Democratic Senate seats. How will markets react, and what should investors do?

7 Investor Takeaways from the First Presidential Debate

How should investors react to the first presidential debate? Here are some of the biggest policy points for investors to keep in mind.

Can Nokia Stock Avoid Paying the China Price?

Just as 5G looked like it was going to catapult NOK stock higher, rising global tensions with China may squelch the rally before it starts.

The 7 Winners and Losers From Washington’s Record-Setting Stimulus Package

As Frydman and Hatheway suggested, the “size and design” of the $2 trillion stimulus package is nowhere near sufficient to do the job it’s intended to do.

IRS Tax Refund 2020: So, Where’s My Tax Refund?

Generally speaking, how you file your taxes can have a lot to do with how quickly you get your return. Here's what you need to know.

Why Trump and UNH Stock Have Four More Years

The shocking, petulant behavior of House speaker Nancy Pelosi probably gave President Trump a second term. And that means at least four more years of growth for UNH stock.

As 2020 Approaches, It’s Time to Worry About Deflation

Throwing money at rich people is a short-term solution to the long-term problem of deflation

Google’s Employees are About to Crash the Palace as Election Year Nears

Owners of Google stock ought to take this latest flare-up seriously because if the company doesn’t put out an olive branch to its employees, a palace revolt is not out of the question.

Why Does Everybody Hate Tesla Stock so Much?

TSLA stock is one of the most polarizing stocks on Wall Street. Tesla and CEO Elon Musk are unique in that they represent much more than just a typical investment for both supporters and critics.

Invest in Alibaba Stock for the ‘What’ and not the ‘Where’

Alibaba stock has outpaced many U.S. tech giants and the S&P 500 index. If it was a U.S. company, would the stock have this much uncertainty?

Near-Term Catalysts for Activision Stock Should Fuel Game Maker’s Growth

Activision Blizzard stock has underperformed peers over the past year, but with upcoming catalysts, ATVI is poised for future growth.

Too Much Attention from Lawmakers Can Only Hurt Facebook Stock

FB stock will remain uncomfortably vulnerable to regulation as long as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to draw attention to its problems.

The Presidential Election Is a Twitter Stock Tailwind

Twitter stock has a history of breaking down at or near all-time highs. That said, this current rally has some surprising tailwinds that could keep the momentum going.

For Qualcomm Stock Investors, the Legal Battle Is Much Bigger Than Apple

Apple may have a strong case against Qualcomm, but the ever-present geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China present surprising tailwinds for QCOM stock.

Here’s How Amazon Stock Pays Practically Nothing in Taxes

It's one of the reasons Amazon stock has performed so well, but maximizing the use of tax breaks is not letting AMZN off scot-free.

Google Stock Investors Ponder Whether Alphabet Is Too Big To Break Up

A DOJ investigation threatens the possibility of Google stock breaking up into smaller parts, but the political realities won't allow this to happen.

Near-Term Pain Will Shift To Longer-Term Benefits For MU Stock Investors

MU stock suffered volatility along with other tech firms as the U.S.-China trade war heated up, but the conflict does present a longer-term benefit for the underlying company.

7 Reasons Stock Buybacks Should Be Illegal

The rhetoric surrounding stock buybacks has heated up in recent weeks. I’ve never been a fan. Here are seven reasons why.