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Canada Goes Green: Here Are Your Legal Marijuana Options

Canada just made cannabis great again with its approval of recreationally legal marijuana, setting into motion many investment opportunities. Read Article

A Crazy Plan to Save Detroit Could Help Save Ford Stock

It remains to be seen to what extent, if any, it will boost Ford stock. But, CEO Jim Hackett isn't afraid to think outside the box, and prepare for a distant future. Read Article

The Technology Sector is the Most at Risk from a U.S.-China Trade War

The oft-discussed trade war is happening, in a sense, but tech stocks have yet to feel the full brunt of its potential damage to the sector. And, maybe they won't have to. Read Article

U.S. Space Force: President Trump Proposes 6th Military Branch

President Donald Trump has officially proposed the creation of Space Force that will act as a new branch of the U.S. military. Read Article

4 Tariff-Proof Chinese Stocks to Consider

Thanks to the U.S.-North Korea summit, President Trump feels emboldened against China, presenting mixed opportunities in Chinese stocks. Read Article

Canadian Consumers Boycotting American Goods Is a Big Nothing Burger

Canadian boycotts of American goods are happening, but not in any way that will materially affect U.S. companies. Read Article

Snubbing the Iranians Won’t Even Put a Dent in Nike Inc Stock

Nike caused a stir when it announced that it won’t supply cleats for the Iranian soccer team, but Nike stock likely won’t be impacted. Read Article

20 Stocks With Renewed Bull Cases After Trump-Kim Summit

The historic, completely unprecedented meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un changes the geopolitical bear case for these companies. Here's a look at our "Trump-Kim Summit Stocks" to buy and why: Read Article

North Korea Summit Could Lead to an End of the Bull Market

The North Korea summit has come and gone. Early analysis suggests that Kim Jong Un took the first round. If President Trump fails to deliver denuclearization, stocks could take a beating. Here's why. Read Article

Geopolitical Risks Are a Way Smaller Market Factor Than You Might Think

Blackstone vice chairman Byron Wien sees geopolitical risks on the horizon, but don't read too much into just the cautionary part of his assessment. Read Article

After Failed G7 Summit, Trump Barks Up the Wrong Tree

President Trump made it perfectly clear after the G7 Summit that the U.S. is playing hardball when it comes to trade. Well, two can play that game, a game that no one wins. Read Article

There’s Still Nothing More Shaky Than a Bitcoin Investment

Cryptocurrency markets remain targets of fraud, and attempts to even create transparency are fiercely fought. Read Article

Buckle Up for the Impending AT&T-Time Warner Merger Decision

The AT&T-Time Warner merger saga is about to come to a close, assuming there's no appeal to serve as a sequel. Read Article

EOS: The Biggest Cryptocurrency You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of

EOS is the fifth-most valuable cryptocurrency, valued at $11 billion. Is EOS really the "Ethereum killer" some think it is? Read Article

O’Leary and Holmes Are Both Right About Gold and Gold Stocks

Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, and Frank Holmes recently took different side the gold(bullion) vs. gold stocks. Gold and gold stocks are two different asse.... Read Article

Wow! The Economy… Just, Wow!

The economic data is, like it or not, fantastic. Whether you're talking about jobs, GDP, wages, home sales or manufacturing activity, there's not a lot not to like. Read Article

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Deal Barely Helps Kinder Morgan Inc Stock

The Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Deal Barely Helps Kinder Morgan Inc Stock Read Article

How Cancelling Roseanne Affects Walt Disney Co Stock

The Roseanne cancellation caused a massive stir due to the racially-charged catalyst, but the broader impact towards Disney is limited. Read Article

Cryptocurrency Trading Will Soar Despite Sector Volatility

Coinbase revealed that it’s ramping up capacity in anticipation for increased cryptocurrency trading, but its estimates could be conservative. Read Article

Obamacare Premiums to Increase AGAIN for 2019

Millions of Americans still using Obamacare for health insurance will see their premiums increase again when 2019 rolls around. Read Article