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Most people think of Washington and Wall Street as separate entities with no impact on one another. But what happens in D.C. can impact your portfolio, and what happens in the stock market could change policy that, in turn, affects your investments. InvestorPlace’s journalists walk the intersection of politics and finance, helping you better put your money to work no matter who’s calling the shots in the West Wing.

3D-Printed Guns News: Thousands Download Online Blueprints

There's a lot of 3D-printed guns news going about today as blueprints show up online, President Trump weighs in on the matter and states file a lawsuit against the Trump Administration.

Trump Blasts Twitter: Accuses TWTR of ‘Shadow Banning’

President Donald Trump is calling out Twitter (TWTR) for allegedly 'shadow banning' several prominent Republicans on the website.

The Trump Revitalization Plan Hits a Bump in the Road

Donald Trump is critical of Jerome Powell’s stance on interest rates because he knows it will put an end to the Trump economy. Investors ought to be scared.

Papa John’s Stock Is Fried After Founder’s Racially-Charged Remark

PZZA stock was already struggling, but Papa John’s founder John Schnatter’s incendiary remarks will take the ugliness to a new level.

Don’t Let the Bot Purge Spook You Away from Twitter Stock

The recent news that Twitter suspended 70 million troublesome accounts shocked Wall Street, but don’t overreact on Twitter stock. The future isn't changing here.

Supreme Court Nominee 2018: 9 Things to Know About Brett Kavanaugh

President Donald Trump has chosen Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee and 'InvestorPlace' has a few things to know about him.

Supreme Court Justice Candidates 2018: Trump’s Short List

President Donald Trump is narrowing down his list of Supreme Court Justice candidates that could replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Equifax Stock Apparently Is a Completely Scandal-Proof Investment

Equifax is in better financial shape than it was before the breach happened, and has new leadership.

It’s Not If But How Much GM Stock Will Feel the Bite of the Tariffs

Owners of GM stock may have become a little spooked by recent worries voiced by the company, but take them with a grain of salt.

In Trump’s America, Expect the USO ETF to Move Higher Still

Thanks to the Trump administration’s stern position on Iran, the USO ETF jumped higher -- and will probably continue its upward trek.

For Most Online Retailers, the Online Sales Tax Decision Is a Non-Story

The online sales tax debate has finally been settled, by the Supreme Court -- online retailers have to collect it. Here's where we learn that it doesn't really matter.

Which U.S. Stocks Lose in a Trade War With China?

The technology sector could manage to sidestep the nastiness that a trade war with China could bring, but other sector-based stocks may not be so lucky.

Canada Goes Green: Here Are Your Legal Marijuana Options

Canada just made cannabis great again with its approval of recreationally legal marijuana, setting into motion many investment opportunities.

A Crazy Plan to Save Detroit Could Help Save Ford Stock

It remains to be seen to what extent, if any, it will boost Ford stock. But, CEO Jim Hackett isn't afraid to think outside the box, and prepare for a distant future.

The Technology Sector is the Most at Risk from a U.S.-China Trade War

The oft-discussed trade war is happening, in a sense, but tech stocks have yet to feel the full brunt of its potential damage to the sector. And, maybe they won't have to.

U.S. Space Force: President Trump Proposes 6th Military Branch

President Donald Trump has officially proposed the creation of Space Force that will act as a new branch of the U.S. military.

4 Tariff-Proof Chinese Stocks to Consider

Thanks to the U.S.-North Korea summit, President Trump feels emboldened against China, presenting mixed opportunities in Chinese stocks.

Canadian Consumers Boycotting American Goods Is a Big Nothing Burger

Canadian boycotts of American goods are happening, but not in any way that will materially affect U.S. companies.

Snubbing the Iranians Won’t Even Put a Dent in Nike Inc Stock

Nike caused a stir when it announced that it won’t supply cleats for the Iranian soccer team, but Nike stock likely won’t be impacted.

20 Stocks With Renewed Bull Cases After Trump-Kim Summit

The historic, completely unprecedented meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un changes the geopolitical bear case for these companies. Here's a look at our "Trump-Kim Summit Stocks" to buy and why: