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There’s Still Nothing More Shaky Than a Bitcoin Investment

Cryptocurrency markets remain targets of fraud, and attempts to even create transparency are fiercely fought. Read Article

Buckle Up for the Impending AT&T-Time Warner Merger Decision

The AT&T-Time Warner merger saga is about to come to a close, assuming there's no appeal to serve as a sequel. Read Article

EOS: The Biggest Cryptocurrency You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of

EOS is the fifth-most valuable cryptocurrency, valued at $11 billion. Is EOS really the "Ethereum killer" some think it is? Read Article

O’Leary and Holmes Are Both Right About Gold and Gold Stocks

Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, and Frank Holmes recently took different side the gold(bullion) vs. gold stocks. Gold and gold stocks are two different asse.... Read Article

Wow! The Economy… Just, Wow!

The economic data is, like it or not, fantastic. Whether you're talking about jobs, GDP, wages, home sales or manufacturing activity, there's not a lot not to like. Read Article

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Deal Barely Helps Kinder Morgan Inc Stock

The Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Deal Barely Helps Kinder Morgan Inc Stock Read Article

How Cancelling Roseanne Affects Walt Disney Co Stock

The Roseanne cancellation caused a massive stir due to the racially-charged catalyst, but the broader impact towards Disney is limited. Read Article

Cryptocurrency Trading Will Soar Despite Sector Volatility

Coinbase revealed that it’s ramping up capacity in anticipation for increased cryptocurrency trading, but its estimates could be conservative. Read Article

Obamacare Premiums to Increase AGAIN for 2019

Millions of Americans still using Obamacare for health insurance will see their premiums increase again when 2019 rolls around. Read Article

President Trump, How Easy Is Hacking an iPhone?

One of President Donald Trump’s most effective weapons is his iPhone. However, according to a report from Politico, it looks like Trump's iPhone isn't secure -- because he hasn’t done much to secure it. Here’s a look at the potential consequences. Read Article

Trump’s Preoccupation With Cutting the Trade Deficit Will Lead to Recession

There’s a truce in the trade conflict between the U.S. and China. Investors shouldn’t get too excited because the U.S.-China trade war will ultimately lead to a recession here in America.  Read Article

President Trump Unexpectedly Made Tech Stocks Great Again

Although tech stocks have been a choppy mess this year, President Trump unexpectedly gave the sector a lifeline. Read Article

The Pope Has a Point About Unchecked Capitalism, But…

Pope Francis and the Vatican's top leaders aren't wrong, but there's far more to the story than is being said. Read Article

Blockchain: Party Like It’s 1999? Or 2000?

Dueling New York conferences failed to raise cryptocurrency prices, but beneath the surface the Cloud Czars are itching for blockchain action. Read Article

Which City Will Amazon HQ2 Call Home Sweet Home?

With several candidate cities eagerly vying for the Amazon HQ2 prize, here’s a quick look at the top contenders for the new, Inc. headquarters. Read Article

Why ZTE Is The Last Stop Before a Full-Blown Trade War

ZTE is at the epicenter of a potential trade war between the U.S. and China -- one that has no straightforward solution. Read Article

5 Physical Goods to Grow Your Money

Although buying physical goods like art and automobiles makes your investment considerably less liquid than investing in the stock market, those with an interest in antiques might find buying tangible items more rewarding. Read Article

The Now-Hot Energy Market Should Cool Off Sooner Than Later

The energy market looks almost too hot to handle here, because it is. Oil giants like Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips are apt to keep oil prices stable in the foreseeable future by turning on a select number of spigots. Read Article

Without Trump, Baidu Inc (BIDU) Stock Has Easier Road for Q1 Earnings

BIDU stock faces a beatable Q1 earnings challenge in any other circumstance, but this year is geopolitically troublesome. Read Article

Marijuana News: John Boehner Flips Stance on Pot Laws

In the latest marijuana news, former U.S. House representative John Boehner has changed his stance on weed laws, joining the boardroom of a cannabis company. Read Article