Weird Street

Whether it’s celebrities who make big bucks off of pot stocks, or a $1,500 surfboard that Tesla sells out, there’s a lot of weirdness happening on the Street. It may not seem relevant to your portfolio, but even the strangest stories provide context behind some of the irrationality behind market-moving events.

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Rebranding to “FACEBOOK” Fails to Move Facebook Stock

Although Facebook made some headlines with its all-caps re-branding of itself, the seeming publicity stunt didn’t do much to move the needle for Facebook stock.

5 Celebrities Making Money Off Pot Stocks

Gone are the days when celebrities launch wine labels. Now they launch pot brands. Here are five making money off pot stocks.

Amazon to Sell and Ship Live Christmas Trees This Year!

Amazon (AMZN) is stepping up its Christmas game this year with the selling of live Christmas trees to customers willing to pay for them.

$1,500 Tesla Surfboard Sells Out in One Day

Tesla (TSLA) surfboards are a thing now, but good luck getting your hands on one as they are already sold out after just one day.

Potcoin Aiming for Marketing Blitz with Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman injecting himself into the high-stakes meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un is marketing gold for potcoin. While cryptocurrencies are risky, there's potential upside here.

KB Home Cuts CEO’s Bonus Over Kathy Griffin Rant

KB Home (KBH) CEO Jeffrey Mezger is having his year-end bonus cut by 25% over a rant at comedian and neighbor Kathy Griffin.

Wall Street’s Charging Bull Statue Vandalized

The Charging Bull statue located at Wall Street has been vandalized by a member of the Draw The Blue Line protest group.

Space Exploration and Travel: Is It Crazy… or Inevitable?

With billionaire visionaries like Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Richard Branson, it's only a matter of time before space travel becomes a reality.

Bill Gates Posts a Video of Him Drinking ‘Poop Water’

Bill Gates has posted a video of him drinking poop water on YouTube that was extracted from sewage waste with a new machine.

TSLA: Unhappy Tesla Owner Smashes His Own Windshield Upon Delivery

A Chinese man who just received his Tesla (TSLA) Model S electric car after months of delays smashed the windshield in a protest.

Domino’s Testing Drones to Deliver Pizza … Seriously

Domino's partnered with a U.K. creative agency to test a remote-piloted drone delivering two large pepperoni pizzas in an English city.

Homeland Security Seizes World’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange

The Department of Homeland Security has seized an account belonging to Japan-based Mt. Gox, the world's largest bitcoin exchange.

Woman’s $180 Stock Buy Balloons to $7M

Sometimes buy and hold REALLY does pay off. The late Grace Groner's purchase of three Abbott Labs shares in 1935 worked out well.

7 Companies Paying Their CEOs More Than the Taxman

These CEOs made more in 2011 than their companies paid in federal income tax.

The Greenest Cars of 2012

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has released its Greenest List, a ranking of the 12 most environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.

$10 Million in Software Stolen From NY Fed

A Chinese hacker is charged with theft of software code and faces a maximum of 10 years if convicted.

Sip, Squat and Surf? No More, Starbucks Says

Customers in New York City complaining that the coffee shops are covering up electrical outlets to prevent laptop owners from spending hours using free Wi-Fi.

Home Depot Accused of Using China Products in ‘Buy American’ Campaign

The home improvement chain is accused of using Chinese-made products and materials in a "Buy American" campaign.

Airline Industry Ranks Lower Than the Government for Satisfaction

Airline customer satisfaction is even lower than the federal government, with Southwest NYSE:LUV the lone standout in an industry consumers have come to hate.

Could Legalized Pot Give Big Pharma a Much-Needed Boost?

Medical marijuana is big business where it's legalized, and if major pharmaceutical companies could get a share of the market they could see a big boost.