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Weird Street

Weird News, Pop CultureHere at Weird Street, we provide the strangest stories of the economy. The economy is already difficult enough to understand, so what better way of embracing that difficulty by attempting to understand the most irrational stories?
Ranging from unbelievable stories about coffee makers in space to a squirrel causing $300K in damages and everything in between, Weird Street is your destination for the most interesting stories on Wall Street.

Mom Arrested for Letting Teen Take Part in Facebook Fire Challenge

A mother from Charlotte was arrested on August 6 for letting her teenage son take part in a Facebook challenge to set himself on fire. Read Article

The 5 Most Eccentric Millionaires & Billionaires

Find out what the world's craziest millionaires and billionaires do with their money -- and not the boring stuff like stocks. We're talking spacecraft and dinosaurs. Read Article

What Is Yellow Pig Day and When Is It Celebrated?

Have you heard about Yellow Pig Day? Read all about July 17, a day that honors the number 17 and yellow pigs. Read Article

TSLA: Man Builds Own Tesla-Charging Network in China

A Tesla Model S fan in China built his own charging network, made up of 20 chargers, to travel from Beijing to Guangzhou in his new car. Read Article

VIRAL: ‘Coolest Cooler’ Kickstarter Is on Fire

A man from Portland is lighting up Kickstarter with a campaign to create the Coolest Cooler. He's already raised over $2 million. Read Article

TSLA: Company Offers $10K If You Can Hack a Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors is offering $10,000 to the hacker that can get through the Model S's security at a competition being held later this month. Read Article

Man Jokingly Seeks $10 on ‘Potato Salad’ Kickstarter, Raises $52,000

A man got way more than he bargained for when he started a $10 Kickstarter campaign to make potato salad and raised over $50,000. Read Article

TWTR: CIA Celebrates Twitter Anniversary With (Attempted) Humor

The CIA celebrated one month on Twitter by answering questions people ask it, and some of the answers were surprisingly funny. Read Article

The Fourth of July, Brought to You By … China?

Global research firm Panjiva published a great infographic to ponder at your Fourth of July cookout concerning where your American flag might have come from. Read Article

Skytower Malfunction: SeaWorld Ride Traps Dozens for 4 Hours

48 people were stuck for four hours on the SeaWorld San Diego Skytower after a power failure crippled the ride. Read Article

United Airlines Emergency Slide Inflates Mid-Air in Cabin

A Los Angeles-bound United Airlines flight was forced to land in Kanas after an emergency slide deployed inside the cabin in mid-flight. Read Article

What We Know About the Missing Boy Found in His Basement

A 12-year-old boy that went was missing for 12 days was discovered in his father's basement on Thursday behind some boxes. Read Article

CDC Definition of ‘Heavy Drinker’ May Surprise You

The CDC says that women who consume 8 or more drinks a week and men who consume 15 or more are heavy drinkers. Read Article

TSLA: Unhappy Tesla Owner Smashes His Own Windshield Upon Delivery

A Chinese man who just received his Tesla (TSLA) Model S electric car after months of delays smashed the windshield in a protest. Read Article

Man Dismembers Wife’s Childhood Friend Over Facebook Chat

Francisco de Assis Coelho Neves was killed and dismembered by Anderson Gomes Aleixo after chatting with his wife on Facebook. Read Article

Report: Nokia Paid Out Millions to Hackers in Blackmail Plot

Nokia reportedly paid millions of euros to a hacker to prevent the release of an encryption code in 2007. Read Article

Chicago Nuns Sue Loud, Unruly Strip Club

A group of Chicago nuns have sued a strip club located in the same neighborhood as them, claiming the club violates Illinois zoning laws. Read Article

Chikungunya Virus: A New Mosquito Disease Is Headed to the U.S.

Medical experts say the Chikungunya virus, a disease transmitted by mosquito bites is in the Caribbean and will soon hit the U.S. Read Article

ISSpresso: The Coffee Machine That Works in Space

A partnership between Italian companies and Italy's Space Agency has produced ISSpresso, a coffee-maker for the International Space Station. Read Article

TWTR FAIL: Jimmy Graham’s Twitter Bio May Cost Him Millions

An NFL player's argument over exactly which position he plays could be damaged by what he wrote in its own Twitter (TWTR) biography. Read Article