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Dividend Stocks

Many investors overlook the importance of steady income. No matter your investment profile, dividends provide stable growth with consistent payments that accrue and compound over time. If you plan to retire wealthy, you need stocks that will pay you to own them. Our investment analysts uncover the companies with high yields, stocks increasing payouts and Dividend Aristocrats that have raised dividends steadily for 25+ years, plus much more.

Why Realty Income Stock Is Besting Its Peers

Retail stocks are struggling and Realty Income stock faces strong headwinds. Still, this REIT can succeed thanks to its quality tenants.

Exxon Mobil’s Commitment To Its Dividend Is Pushing Its Yield Higher

Exxon's dividend commitment is pushing the yield higher. At an 8.5% dividend yield today, Exxon Mobil stock could keep falling anyway.

The 4 Best Dividend Aristocrats to Buy Now

Dividend aristocrats have increased dividends for at least 25 consecutive years. Here are four of the best dividend aristocrats you can buy.

9 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy to Pay the Bills

If you're looking for dependable income, these are 9 great monthly dividend stocks to buy for the regular payouts.

The Best 4 Energy Stocks to Buy as Fall Approaches

Energy stocks have been in a consolidation zone and look attractive as fall approaches. Oil trending higher can potentially trigger upside for these energy stocks.

5 Monthly Dividend Stocks You Can Rely On

When interest rates are slashed to the bone and bonds yield approximately 1%, these monthly dividend stocks offer much-needed respite.

By Maintaining Its Dividend, Exxon Mobil Stock Is an Energy Name to Hold

Exxon Mobil stock is holding up nicely above $40, although it seriously lacks momentum. With an 8% dividend yield, is it inticing enough?

Dividend-Heavy Verizon Stock Is Shockingly Undervalued Right Now

Verizon Communications stock is worth at least 55% more given its history. VZ stock is undervalued based on a comparison with its peers, its history, and its average dividend yield.

Chill Out and Collect Dividends with Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is shifting to cleaner energy sources. You can take a position in this while collecting dividend payments with Exxon Mobil stock.

A Reinstated 7% Dividend Makes MFA Financial Attractive

MFA Financial's reinstated dividend makes the stock's 7% yield attractive. MFA stock will likely double if the REIT has to hike its dividend.

Dividend and Market Worries Leave More Downside for Exxon Mobil Stock

Rest of the year will likely see a dividend cut Exxon Mobil stock, after which the shares could fall below $40 and offer better value

Once Slow, Stable Sanofi Stock is Now Pharma’s Most-Talked About Name

SNY stock is no longer a sleepy passive investment. Under a new CEO, Sanofi is less reliant on diabetes and heart drugs and looking to buy pre-market cancer blockbusters.

8 Dividend Stocks That Look Too Generous

Investors are looking for dividend stocks in a zero interest rate environment. But these eight names may be paying out a little too much.

As Uncertainty Remains, Hold Off From Buying Exxon

With much still up in the air, Exxon Mobil stock could go either way in the next 12 months. Stay on the sidelines for now.

AT&T Still Failing Up for Income

New CEO John Stankey must cut costs while competitors invest heavily, which is why AT&T stock has a 7% yield.

7 Super Stable Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

With the market flying high but risks in the air, this is a great time to play defense by buying these seven super safe dividend stocks.

7 Monthly Dividend Stocks That Will Support Your Retirement

With interest rates reaching record lows, fixed income is no longer a reliable yield provider. These seven monthly dividend stocks could be a great alternative.

Stay Clear of Exxon Mobil Stock as It Struggles to Protect the Dividend

Speaking of oil prices, the recovery hasn't been sharp enough to prevent Exxon from issuing some gloomy commentary. In a recent regulatory filing, the oil major said that if prices don't rally some more – it didn't say by how much – before the end of 2020, it could be forced to write-off 20% of output, or the equivalent of 4.5 billion barrels of crude.

Once-Stuck Kroger Stock Gets Out of First Gear as Essential During Virus

Kroger stock is up 20% in 2020, as it consolidates advertising under a single team and prepares profitable online grocery with Ocado.

The 4 Best Utility Stocks Right Now

Utility stocks that have strong fundamentals and have a clear cash flow visibility for the coming years. Dividends add to the attraction.