Introducing: Stefanie Kammerman, Legendary Dark Pool Trader

For the 1st time ever, a former financial insider is stepping forward to show you how to spot Wall Street’s “hidden” trades before they move the market.

Wed, July 15 at 7:00PM ET

Dividend Stocks

Many investors overlook the importance of steady income. No matter your investment profile, dividends provide stable growth with consistent payments that accrue and compound over time. If you plan to retire wealthy, you need stocks that will pay you to own them. Our investment analysts uncover the companies with high yields, stocks increasing payouts and Dividend Aristocrats that have raised dividends steadily for 25+ years, plus much more.

8 Dividend Aristocrat Stocks to Buy Now

Investor sentiment has shifted to a protective stance under the context of ever-rising tensions between the U.S. and China. In this environment, investors should consider stocks to buy now from a list of stable dividend aristocrats.

Buy Conservative Chevron Stock for Its Big Dividend

Chevron stock will rally once oil demand rebounds. CVX management deserves credit for navigating the company ably in these troubled times.

9 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy to Pay the Bills

If you're looking for dependable income, these are 9 great monthly dividend stocks to buy for the regular payouts.

A Buying Window May Be Opening for Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer has a juicy distribution yield of nearly 14%. Long-term and passive income investors may want to buy the dips in ET stock.

Exxon Mobil’s Opportunities Far Outweigh Its Threats

Given Exxon's dividend yield and valuation, along with rapidly increasing gasoline consumption, Exxon Mobil stock is still worth buying. 

Hold Wells Fargo Stock Even If a Dividend Cut Is Imminent

Investors don't need to worry about Wells Fargo stock even if the mega-bank is a dividend-cut candidate. Here's why.

Undervalued Energy Transfer Has Room to Run in 2020

Energy Transfer's huge yield is well covered by its distributable cash flow. Undervalued ET stock is worth at least 21% more.

Target Finds a Downside in Its Urban Strategy

Target stock fell after some of its stores were looted, while others are now closed. But its urban strategy remains sound for the long term.

Abbvie Stock is Offering Investors an Oil Yield Without Oil’s Risk

Analysts call ABBV stock a bargain after its $63 billion purchase of Allergan, whose existing drugs and pipeline are now expected to replace revenue from Humira.

AbbVie Will Be in Big Trouble When Its Patent Cliff Arrives

ABBV stock may seem like an attractive value name. But while it is very profitable now, things are set to worsen dramatically in a few years..

Bet on an Oil Price Rebound With Energy Transfer Stock

The rebound of oil prices lifted ET stock in the last few weeks. The company will need a sustained, healthy energy market to continue rising.

Without a Strong Dividend, Halliburton Loses Its Appeal

Halliburton stock is down 52% since the beginning of the year and it slashed its dividend. Its probems aren't over yet.

Halliburton’s Worth 15% More, Even With the Reduced Dividend

Halliburton may have lower its dividend, but the company still provides good value for HAL stock. Here's what you need to know.

Don’t Be Surprised if Buffett Scoops up a Lot More Wells Fargo Stock

Let’s assume that Buffett was to buy 65 million shares of Wells Fargo stock at $27.50 a share. That would cost Berkshire $1.79 billion. It would generate $133 million in dividend income over the next four quarters.

Don’t Let the Uptick Fool You, Halliburton Stock Is More Risk Than Reward

Halliburton's financials are too weak to power through a prolonged downturn, making this energy stock a poor choice in the current climate.

Should Investors Buy Cheap Exxon Mobil Stock as Global Economies Reopen?

Oil-market chaos has been the theme for 2020 so far. Unless we see higher oil prices soon, Exxon Mobil stock may not be able to go back to its 2020 highs yet.

Chevron Stock’s Fundamental Issues Outweigh Its Upside Potential

Chevron stock has a lot of potential upside from here, and investors will pile into CVX accordingly. Without a solid fundamental case, however, its technical picture isn't even worth looking at.

Protecting the Dividend at Any Cost Is a Real Risk to Exxon Mobil Stock

Exxon Mobil’s obsession to maintain its dividend by racking up debt is a risky proposition in these uncertain times

3M Stock Drives Its Value by Prioritizing Its Dependable Dividend

MMM stock will rise much higher as its dividend is a priority. Since the dividend is a priority MMM stock is worth over 44% more based on its historical dividend yield.

Energy Transfer’s Huge Yield Isn’t Worth the Risk

Energy Transfer can maintain its unusually high dividend for the time being. But beware of holding onto ET stock too long.