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Is Apple Stock Still a Buy?

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If You Must Own CHK Stock at Least Buy It as Part of This ETF

Doug Lawler has been calling for free cash flow neutrality for some time. In March 2017, InvestorPlace’s Ian Bezek commented that the company felt it could be free cash flow neutral by 2018. Tagline: Read Article

Amazon’s HQ2 Decision Is Out of Touch With Reality

After toying with two dozen cities, Amazon seems set to give its HQ2 jobs to the usual, overcrowded, and overpaid suspects in New York and Washington. Read Article

After the Downturn, Where are the Opportunities in Pot Stocks?

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Disney Stock Receives New Life After Tremendous Q4 Earnings

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Follow the Warren Buffett Approach to Short-Term Trading

Although Buffett is a long-term investor and business owner, his wisdom also applies to short-term trading. When an asset reaches a short-term extreme — either to the upside or the downside — it often presents a great trading opportunity to bet against the herd-following crowd. Read Article

Aurora Cannabis Stocks Needs More Legal Marijuana to Grow

Aurora Cannabis got a major tailwind when Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana, but ACB stock will need to continue growing to justify its stock price. Read Article

4 REITs to Play the Divisive Amazon HQ2 Decision

The divisive decision to split Amazon HQ2 between Long Island City and the DC metro area yields plenty of opportune REITs to buy. Read Article