7 Alternative Cryptos to Watch in What’s Becoming a Wild Week

With many alternative cryptos not following Bitcoin’s recent corrective move, here are the digital assets to watch this week.

Cardano’s Recent Spike Makes It the 3rd Largest Crypto, But There Could Be More

Cardano's recent spike makes it the 3rd largest crypto, but it could have further to go. Cardano could still rise another 23% to $3.44 or so over the next year if it gains a significant market share in smart contracts.

Cardano Price Predictions: How High Can Altcoin Season Take the ADA Crypto?

Today, crypto investors are increasingly considering what the expert Cardano price predictions are for this up-and-coming altcoin.

Cardano Is Set for Serious Growth as Its Next Upgrade Looms

What's next for Cardano now that it has become the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world? The digital token, whose underlying blockchain technology is used in increasingly popular decentralized finance networks, has been on a quite a tear lately. Since July 25, Cardano's price has skyrocketed 117%, rising from $1.21 to $2.69 per token. How much further can it go? Investors are bullish.

High-Conviction Coin Cardano Deserves Immediate Attention

The skeptics and bears are hiding after a breathtaking run-up in the Cardano price, but the best days are yet to come.

Cardano Price Predictions: When Will ADA Crypto Hit $3? These Signs Say Soon.

Cardano (ADA) is running higher on Friday and recent price predictions claim the crypto could push about the $3 mark soon.

Buy Cardano, But Not for Its Idealism

While blockchain initiatives such as those from Cardano feature the lofty goal of addressing inequities, it’s not a reliable narrative.

7 Cryptos on Alert as the Institutional Players Move In

With cryptos once again trudging forward to multi-month highs, here’s a look at the digital assets the institutional players are buying.

Dear Cardano Crypto Fans, Here’s Why You Should Be Cheering Today

The Cardano crypto is continuing to grow rapidly worldwide. Now, with an exchange listing in Japan, the coin could dominate the nation.

ADA Crypto: 15 Things to Know Ahead of the Cardano Alonzo Hard Fork

Cardano (ADA) is preparing for its Alonzo hard fork and there's a few things crypto traders need to know about ADA undergoes that change.

What Will the Stock Market Do Today, Aug. 25? 3 Big Stories to Watch.

So what will the stock market do today? All eyes are on meme stocks after GME stock and AMC stock surged on Tuesday.

Cardano Will Surge to New Highs After the Alonzo Release

Cardano is poised for massive gains ahead after the platform gains smart contracts functionality following the Alonzo update.

Cardano Remains One of the Best Ways to Play a Crypto Comeback

Risk still runs high. But given its high utility, and its potential for big gains after its upgrade? Cardano remains one of the top cryptos to buy.

Cardano Price Predictions: Where Will the ADA Crypto Go After Setting New Record High?

Cardano price predictions are the most discussed among crypto bulls as the network prepares to rollout one of its biggest-ever upgrades.

Will Cardano Keep Ascending? That’s the $80 Billion Question.

Bloomberg reported Aug. 16 that Cardano was the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency. ADA-USD has been on a roll. Is it bound for a cooldown?

Apply Behavioral Science If You Want to Invest in Cardano

Before you take a swing at Cardano, you should assess its behavioral characteristics to make sure this is the trade for you.

Cardano Is Only Going Higher With New Smart Contract Functionality

Cardano should continue to rise before and after Sept. 12, when it launches smart contract functionality. ADA-USD will get a big boost from Alonzo Purple.

7 Cryptos on Watch as Digital Assets Take a Breather

Having rebounded sharply over the last few weeks, cryptos are now taking a breather, thereby requiring a closer examination.

Cardano Can Make You Rich If You Take Advantage of It

Cardano made it as high as $2.25 less than a month after a drop to $1.02. As long as you buy and sell at the right points, you can profit.

What Did the Stock Market Do Today, Aug. 13? 3 Big Stories to Catch Up On.

So what did the stock market do today? All eyes were on a wacky story about GRNV stock, a little-known SPAC that skyrocketed.