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Agriculture Stocks

Deere: A Stock for Patient Investors Only

The world's largest maker of farm equipment faces headwinds with falling crop prices amid a record year for corn, wheat and rice. More 

Ride Out the Roller Coaster in Agriculture

Thanks to some wild weather, the agriculture sector has been up and down this year, but traders have a great opportunity after recent price drops. More 

What’s the Plan, Ben?

Select sectors are looking ripe for the picking, no thanks to a lack of guidance from the Fed More 

Archer Daniel Midland Loses Sweet Tooth, Seeks Cocoa Sale

Archer Daniels Midland says it is discussing the sale of its cocoa processing business with unnamed buyers. More 

What’s In the $1 Trillion Farm Bill?

Last night, the Senate passed a new farm bill that the Congressional Budget Office estimates will cost taxpayers $955 billion over the next 10 years. More 

What to Make of the Recent Wheat Scare

Monsanto is embroiled in another scandal, this time about its genetically modified wheat 'contaminating' the U.S. wheat supply. With headlines swirling about Asian countries canceling their orders, should investors run for the exits? More 

Agrium (AGU) on a Technical Teeter-Totter

AGU is trading at resistance, and with support nearly 20% below current prices, the stock could be in for a windfall...but if it breaks through, this could be an important confluence zone. More 

U.S. Grocers Accuse Potato Growers of Price Conspiracy

A group of grocery stores has filed suit against potato growers, accusing them of price-fixing and operating as a cartel. More 

Floodwaters Could Bail Out My Corn Call

This year's flooding -- on the heels of last year's drought -- could mean higher prices for ag commodities. Here's one way to play it. More 

Obama’s Budget: Industry Winners and Losers

After unveiling his 2014 budget yesterday, President Obama was attacked by both the right and the left. Here are the industries most affected by the proposal. More