Dow Jones Today: Talking About Powell Power

In a market that is highly beholden to comments from the Federal Reserve, sometimes all it takes is some positive commentary on that front to boost stocks. That was the case Wednesday as the major U.S. equity benchmarks traded higher following prepared testimony from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

Dow Jones Today: Why These Big Names Got Drubbed

Something that has been discussed here in recent days is the shift away from trade concerns to company-specific issues. That was very much the case today as a slew of big names in the Dow were punished for a variety of stock-specific reasons. Let's have a look at some of those names.

Dow Jones Today: More Trade Tiffs, But It’s Not China This Time

The U.S.-EU trade tiff is not on par with the recent wranglings with China. As such, equities did not endure significant punishment today. The Nasdaq Composite rose 0.22% while the S&P 500 added 0.29%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.26%.

Dow Jones Today: Why the Best Stocks in the DJIA Are Rallying

The stage is set for today's Dow Jones stocks to continue climbing, particularly if the Fed cuts rates or signals an imminent rate cut, perhaps as soon as July.

Why the Dow Jones Almost Certainly Will Continue to Underperform

The venerable Dow Jones Index might not the best place for investors to put capital or the best index to use as a benchmark.

5 Dow Jones Stocks Under Pressure

With border wall and U.S.-China trade talks disintegrating, these five Dow Jones stocks are bringing down the entire index.

Why the Dow Jones May Struggle to Stay Above Water

The Dow Jones index has underperformed this year - and if the market weakens at all, it may turn negative. There's several risks to the Dow Jones. While the older, large-cap nature of the Dow could be a plus if the market declines, investors are better off elsewhere if it doesn't.

10 Dogs of the Dow Stocks That Will Bounce Back

After a stock market correction, a lot of high-flying Dow stocks have slumped. Here are the 10 you need to look at today.

Why the “Puppies of the Dow” Will Beat the Market

Investing in the "Dogs of the Dow" is a popular investing approach; however, the "Puppies of the Dow" also give investors promising investing opportunities. Here's how to invest in these Dow Jones stocks.

What Next? Focus on the 10-Year Yield

Stocks finished mixed on Monday, with technology stocks keeping the Nasdaq afloat, while the other major indices slipped into the red.

Stocks Continue to Suffer Amid Relentless Pressure

Stocks rolled over and dropped hard on Wednesday, reversing an opening gap higher and a mid-day recovery attempt to careen deep into the red in a nasty end-of-session slide.

Markets Ready for Powell’s First Appearance

U.S. stocks rebounded from overnight losses during the futures session to push to fresh post-panic highs on Monday, lifting large-caps above their 20-day moving average for the first time since late January.

5 Key Charts to Watch As Stocks Descend Into Chaos

These five metrics will help determine the fate of stocks. With that in mind, here are the most important charts to watch now.

Treasury Bond Yield Pushes Ahead of the S&P 500

There has never been a day like Tuesday -- new high, poor breadth, rising VIX -- since the data started being collected.

Cryptocurrencies Trying to Shoulder Out Gold

Cryptocurrencies are taking the role precious metals once did: As an apparent store of value. But is it going to last?

Watch Out for These Cracks in the Market

I look at the market with a fundamental view but I respect the power of technical analysis, particularly when it comes shorter-term trading.

Tax Cut Concerns Weigh on the Dow Jones

The Dow Jones was hit hard today giving up 200+ points at the lows, in the worst bout of selling pressure in months.

Junk Bonds Send Warning Signals That a Correction Could Be Here

Stocks finish lower Tuesday as the GOP's tax reform plan bump softens amid lawmaker opposition as the bill is currently structured.

7 Stocks That Will Push the Dow Jones to 25,000

After crossing 23K, 25,000 doesn't seem too far away. These are the Dow Jones stocks to buy if you believe in Dow 25K.

Markets Keeping Their Eyes on the Coming Tax Plan

U.S. equities rebounded on Tuesday, but ended well off of their best levels as the upcoming FOMC meeting and tax plan come into focus.