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Mullen Automotive Can’t Meet its Promises

Mullen Automotive is big on promises and short on performance.

Best EV Stocks: Which Is the Better Pick?

With such a saturated EV market, it can be hard to choose which stock to invest in. Let's look at Nio, Rivian, and XPeng today.

Lucid Group May Have All the Time in the World

Although LCID stock is experiencing near-term pricing woes, it may be a discounted opportunity since EV integration will take time.

7 of the Top EV Stocks from the DRIV ETF

The DRIV ETF offers broad exposure to electric vehicles for investors looking to the future of cars. Here are some of its top EV stocks.

This Tiny, Little-Known Company Could Explode Along With Electric Car Stocks

When gas prices go up, consumers start thinking about all the money they could save with an electric car. The more they think that the more they research EVs, which bodes well for electric car stocks.

Ranking the Top 10 Electric Vehicle Stocks Heading Into Q2 2022

Electric vehicle stocks have taken a battering in 2022. But as the market moves into the second quarter, there are some bright stars you need to look into.

NIO Stock’s Potential Delisting Raises Interesting Questions

NIO stock is facing a tough period as Chinese stock woes reach new lows. Nio's secondary listing issues aren't helping the matter.

Ignore the Bearish Calls and Invest in NIO Stock

The stock market's concerns surrounding NIO stock and its relatively weak delivery update are massively overblown.

QuantumScape May Be Fully Recharged After Having the Plug Pulled

QS stock still has a bright future even after the recent rout. Time to position for upside with a bull call spread.

After Its Fresh Correction, Lucid Group Is a Buy

The recent correction of LCID stock represents an opportunity for investors looking to acquire a growth stock with a technological lead on its peers.

Lucid Isn’t Worth $7 Billion More Than Nio

Lucid has got a great looking first vehicle but LCID stock should not be worth more than Nio at this point in its development.

LCID Still Has More Downside Left

LCID stock is still fully valued here (and more) but the fact is, it's well set up for the long term, if it can survive intermediate term.

Rivian May Be Giving Investors a Case of Mistaken Identity

In the span of three months, RIVN stock has fallen from its 52-week high to its 52-week low and bullish investors may have to wait on a recovery.

With Fraud Case in Rear-view Mirror, It’s Time To Reconsider Nikola

NKLA stock may finally be poised for a turnaround in light of a crucial approval in California and a pair of in-progress purchase orders.

7 Battery Stocks That Electric Vehicle Companies Are Relying On in 2022

Investors should consider investing in battery stocks as they are an attractive investment option owing to the growth in electric vehicles.

Tesla’s Strong Earnings Imply Upside to $1,300 in the Coming Year

TSLA stock should soar over the next two years based on 20% FCF margin estimates of its free cash flow for this year and next year.

Investors Bullish on the EV Trend Should Take a Look at Fisker Stock

If you're still confident that EV stocks will recover, and still have plenty of room to run, I would include FSR stock on a list of names to keep an eye on.

Good News for F Stock: Ford Had To Stop Taking Reservations on Popular New EVs

F stock is down in 2022, but with demand so strong Ford halted pre-orders for the F 150 Lighting and Maverick, long-term growth is likely.

Lucid Stock Still Looks Like a Bargain Here as Its EV Production Ramps up in 2022

Lucid stock still looks like a bargain here as its EV Production ramps up in 2022. LCID stock looks cheap here given that it trades for about 8 times adj. forward sales and has enough cash to ramp up EV production.