electric vehicles

Giant Corporations Keep Increasing Their Investment In This Unstoppable Technology

Electric vehicles represent a massive opportunity that is still early, which makes it easy to miss. Smart investors will get in now.

Why I Believe NIO Will Beat Out Tesla

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been hot lately, with Tesla leading the pack. But NIO has a lot going for it and is certainly worth watching.

Li Auto Should Be Worth $30.21, 21% More Than Its Current Price

Li Auto is undervalued especially compared to NIO, Xpeng, and Tesla stock. LI stock is worth 21% more at $30.21, based on three models including comps, FCF, and earnings.

Nothing in Life Is Guaranteed … But the EV Trend Sticking Around Is Pretty Close

There are particular trends that are as close to a certainty as you can get. And that's exactly why investors should get in on EVs.

Nio Rallies With Deal to Double EV Production Capacity

Nio is selling EVs as fast as it can make them. Its 3-year deal and production capacity boost is giving the NIO stock rally more fuel.

Tesla Is Leaving Its Electric Vehicle Opponents in the Dust

Tesla keeps defying the shorts. TSLA stock is probably worth its super-high valuation and could move higher this year.

Foxconn Deal May Signal Trouble for Fisker

Fisker's Ocean EV can still make waves on the market, but a change of manufacturer doesn't bode well for their second vehicle or FSR stock.

Nio Stock Is Still Undervalued, Just Not As Much As Before

According to my calculations, NIO stock is worth $38.58, 15% higher than Friday's close, given the delivery and revenue outlook from Nio.

Churchill Capital IV Looks Poised for a Comeback

CCIV stock has suffered due to the wider EV selloff. But the upcoming close of its SPAC merger and plenty of preorders say growth is coming.

Don’t Count EV Port Play TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Out Yet

EVBox won't be the first publicly tradable charging station business, but it could still be successful, and TPGY stock has room to run.

ChargePoint’s Risk to Reward Is a Reason to Look for Safer Alternatives

There will soon be six electric vehicle charging companies including ChargePoint Holding and CHPT stock. Here’s an alternative bet.

2 Potential 10X Stock Picks in the EV Charging Revolution

One is the unrivaled leader in L2 charging, and the other has figured out a way to do free charging. Both are huge long-term winners with the potential to grow 10X long-term.

Tesla’s China Problems Are Good News for NIO Stock

The fundamentals underlying NIO stock are strengthening significantly and rapidly, so buy shares on near-term weakness.

The 8 Best EV Stocks to Buy Now for the ‘Second Wave’

Instead of running away from hypergrowth EV stocks, it's time to get picky and double down on the best of the best.

MoneyLine Podcast: How the Market’s Changed From One Year Ago

In this episode of MoneyLine, Matt turns back the hands of time and takes a look at how the market has changed in the last year. Then he'll provide a rundown of the top 15 electric vehicle stocks and his views on each. Plus, much more!

Electric Vehicle Stocks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

You don’t hear as much about these electric vehicle stocks because they are based outside of the U.S. Expand your opportunities by thinking outside of borders.

The 17 Best EV Stocks to Buy on the Dip

Electric vehicles are growing in ubiquity all around us while their stocks are being sold off. Buy these EV stocks at an exponential discount.

EV’s Growing Popularity: It’s So Much More Than a Funny Commercial

EVs can be just as popular in the United States as they are in Norway. That’s why GM is planning for and investing in it. And it’s why you should be, too.

3 EV Charging Stocks to Buy for Huge Gains in the 2020s

Without charge, EVs are no good, and that's why EV charging stocks are a great way to play the EV Revolution

Auto Stocks: 4 Disruptive Changes Creating a Perfect Storm of Opportunity

Here are four major disruptions on the way that create a “perfect storm” of change and opportunity for investors in the auto industry.