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Food Stocks

Bull’s Eye Report: Sanderson Farms (SAFM)

Packaged Foods & Meats stocks have had a pretty good year thus far. More 

New Twinkies Will Have Twice the Shelf Life

It’s a joke as old as the product itself: long after humankind is gone, the Twinkie we leave behind will still be edible. Come July 15, that joke is going to be a little more accurate. More 

Twinkies: They’re Back, But Still Dead

The Hostess hype machine is full engaged once again now that Twinkies are set to return, but an increasingly healthier America might shorten the welcome quicker than you'd expect. More 

Perk Up! Coffee’s Starting to Brew Big Profits

J.M. Smucker just announced a java-fueled boost in its earnings thanks to tanking bean prices -- news that bodes well for stocks like SBUX and DNKN. More 

Unauthorized GMO Wheat Found in Oregon

The U.S. government found genetically engineered wheat growing on a farm in Oregon recently and the news has sparked food supply concerns overseas. More 

Subway Deems McDonald’s Shameful? Shrug.

Subway's survey of fast-food "shame" shows that people aren't exactly proud of eating at McDonald's. In other news, the sky is blue. More 

Hershey to Debut New Candy Brand in China

Hershey is hoping to boost its candy sales in China with the debut of a new brand of condensed milk candy. More 

Natural Food Stocks: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Natural and organic foods continue to gain a toehold as health and wellness becomes more popular. Here are six stocks to buy, hold and sell in the space. More 

Oscar Mayer Jumps on Bacon Bandwagon With New Wieners

Just in time for Memorial Day, Oscar Mayer is bringing out hot dogs with bacon cooked right inside. More 

Whole Foods Wannabe Sprouts Files for IPO

As consumers increasingly turn to natural and organic foods, grocers that offer such options are lining up to go public. The latest? Sprouts Farmers Markets. More