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Mid-cap Stocks

3 Kinds of Stock to Make Hay While the Sun Shines

As we've learned, it doesn't take a strong economy to make a strong market. I recommend taking advantage of three particular types of stocks as long as the market continues to be strong. More 

2 Areas for Bargain Hunters to Watch

If the market does pull back, these groups could provide the best opportunities. More 

The Smaller They Are, the Harder They Fall (Sort of)

Small- and midcaps are unsurprisingly leading the market's march south, but micro- and nanocaps have proven resilient. That's still no reason to go diving into these tiny, risky companies. More 

Nail Down Profits and Tighten Stop-Losses

Speculators and traders should protect their hard-earned gains since nothing goes up forever. More 

A Comforting ‘Norm’: Small-, Mid-Cap Stocks Leading the Way

Small-cap stocks are finally taking their logical place as performance leaders amid a roaring bull market, but under-heralded mid-caps keep chugging along, too. More 

Forget Managed Funds — Pick Your Own Small-Cap Stocks

The edge that small-cap gurus used to enjoy has been deteriorating, so you're better off picking the stocks yourself instead of buying a managed fund. More 

12 Intraday Movers and Shakers

Same-store sales reports are driving momentum in retail stocks today, notably the 6% gain in Ross Stores's (ROST) same-store sales, which was double the estimate. More 

Go Medium or Go Home

While they're largely ignored, mid-cap stocks are the best of two worlds, offering the growth prospects of small-caps but the financial strength and liquidity of large-caps. More 

These Stocks Are in the Sweet Spot Right Now

Just like Jan and Peter Brady, mid-cap stocks are often overlooked thanks to their bigger and smaller brethren. Right now's the time to rectify that mistake. More