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Charles Schwab

Cut Your Retirement Portfolio Investment Fees by 50%

Saving money on your investments isn't the first thought that comes to mind. But over the years, these hidden costs add up and you do something about it now More 

Stocks Rise on Good Economic News — Monday’s IP Market Recap

Better-than-expected retail sales and good news out of China helped move equities higher, erasing some of the losses from last week's dismal performance. More 

Charles Schwab Beats Q3 Earnings Estimates

Charles Schwab announced third-quarter profits that topped Wall Street analysts and said it would purchase ThomasPartners, an asset manager for $85 million. More 

Schwab Lowers ETF Fees, Attacks Rivals

The 15 Schwab ETFs now have the lowest annual expense ratios in their Lipper categories. More 

Trading Volume May Be Low, But Who Cares?

Trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange is near a five-year low, but for mom-and-pop investors it doesn't really matter. Here's why. More 

Retail Results Spoil the Day — Monday’s IP Market Recap

A disappointing retail report and mixed results for Citigroup's second quarter weighed on markets Monday, though M&A news sparked life into pharma. More 

3 Deadbeat CEOs — and 3 Worth Every Penny

A recent report ranked chief executives by looking at shareholder return and incentive pay -- and the outcome didn't always look so good for the big guys at the top. More 

My Favorite Sector for Summer: Bonds

If you're looking for profitable trading ideas this summer, you might forget about stocks altogether and consider bonds. More 

Why Earnings ‘Beats’ Are Never a Surprise

It's the same game every time: Analysts slash forecasts going into the season, creating a wave of 'better-than-expected' results. More 

J.D. Power: Investment Firm Satisfaction

J.D. Power and Associates released its annual U.S. Full Service Investor Satisfaction Study ranking the top investment firms by investor satisfaction. More