Lower Fees and Faster Transactions Make Solana Better Than Ethereum

Solana's future looks bright as It overtakes Cardano and Tether. SOL crypto could rise substantially from here assuming its popularity continues to rise parabolically.

Solana Price Predictions Surge as SOL Becomes the No. 4 Crypto

SOL's tear through the end of summer and its Breakpoint event are getting investors excited and heating up Solana price predictions.

The Outlook of Volatile Solana Remains Bright

Solana may pull back in the near-term, but it could surpass Ethereum in DeFi. As a result, Solana is likely to climb further.

Solana Price Predictions Rocket as SOL Captures a New All-Time High

Solana price predictions are soaring as the coin captured yet another all-time high late last night. Analysts are very bullish.

Solana Price Predictions Surge as SOL Hits New High, Briefly Snatches No. 5 Crypto Spot

Solana price predictions are a blazingly hot topic right now as investors continue to seek out alternatives to high ETH transaction fees.

Solana has Momentum and Positive Specs Compared to Ethereum

Solana has appreciated in price quickly and should continue to do so due to its speed and low costs vis-a-vis Ethereum

3 Ways to Participate in the Crypto Coin Rally

The crypto craze is in full swing and there are a crypto coins to buy with confidence. The concept is here to stay so investors pay attention.

Solana Crypto Has Near-30% Upside Potential

Using TVL (total value locked) in crypto uses as a measure, Solana crypto could rise 28% over the next year at a 10% TVL market share.

Solana Poses a Real Threat to Ethereum in the DeFi Space

SOL-USD has enjoyed a phenomenal run this year, and still has massive upside potential that could shoot up ahead of other cryptos.

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Solana Prices Surge as SOL Becomes the No. 6 Crypto, Overtakes XRP

The crypto boom may be fading for some big names, but for Solana it may be just picking up. SOL prices are still rising.

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Solana Looks Like a Buy-the-Dip Opportunity After Network Outage

Solana summer has cooled off this September following a massive technical outage. However, it could be a great time to buy the dip on SOL here.

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Multiple Strengths Could Outweigh Recent Concerns for Solana

With much on its side, if you already own Solana, your best move may be to hold onto it. If you haven't bought it yet? Any weakness in the near-term may be a good time to buy.