Tech Stocks

Tech stocks include companies advancing computers, communications and so much more. Despite their volatility, tech stocks can be big opportunities for big returns in this tech-savvy day and age. More conservative investors might shy away from the high-growth, high-risk of tech stocks, but the reality is that tech stocks deliver dividends. In the last decade, tech stocks have grown dividends about 25% per year.

Investors scrutinize tech stocks after each earnings season to see if those companies are innovating enough to stay ahead of the game. Many tech companies have fallen by the wayside, and tech giants such as Facebook (FB), Microsoft (MSFT) and Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) have prevailed thanks to their new developments, loyal customers and solid fundamentals.

Current Tech Sector Quote (CIX: MSECTOR8)

Collect Income on Microsoft’s Bullish News

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is working especially hard to become ubiquitous in the business world, and its recent successes make a good case for a bullish put write trade.

Looking for a Trade Advantage With Logitech

We are recommending a new bullish trade on Logitech International S.A. (NASDAQ:LOGI) a Swiss manufacturer of technology peripherals.

More Instant Income With Cisco Systems

The trade war with China is still pushing technology stocks down, and that gives us another chance to sell a covered call on Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO).

The More Streaming Surges, the Better Roku Stock Looks

Roku is quickly turning its platform into an advertisers dream. And that will help boost ROKU stock over the long haul.

Cybersecurity Stocks: Why Companies ‘Crash Test’ Their Technology

With cyberattacks expected to increase, companies are preparing for battle. Security spending is expected to double to $248 billion by 2023.

With Solid Q2 Results, Nvidia May Bounce Back

After yesterday's earnings gave the Nvidia stock price a boost, NVDA may be ready to truly get back into its groove.

AAPL Stock: Why Apple Will Be A Whole New Company in Five Years

I'm a big fan of Apple products. I wear an Apple Watch every day. So I say this with love: Apple is going to be a completely different company in five years. In fact, it’s already on that track now.

5 Low-Priced, High-Potential Tech Stocks to Buy

Not all tech stocks have large share prices. In fact, some of the best cost under $15. Here are five cheap, high-potential tech stocks to buy.

Formula E: Inside the “Silicon Valley of Cars”

For those of us who love cars, it's easy to find out what the next generation will be like: Just check out the newest racecars. In the electric vehicle (EV) world, that means keeping your finger to the pulse of Formula E racing.

3 Forgotten Tech Stocks Worth Remembering

Don't sleep on these old tech stocks. They may be forgotten, but these three tech stocks still are churning out great gains for investors. They need to be bought and not ignored.

3 Tech Funds That Are Crushing Their Benchmarks

Active mutual funds can be a great place to add exposure to tech stocks. Here are three top funds beating their passive benchmarks.

KERN Stock: What Happened, and What’s Next

Akerna (KERN) caused quite a bit of excitement in the pot stock community last week. Its meteoric rise might have looked magical – or like a fluke. But, in fact, KERN stock’s success has been a long time coming.

Stock Showdown: PayPal Stock Will Beat Square Stock Every Time

Square & PayPal are two superstars in digital payments. But which could be the better buy? SQ has the growth, but PYPL has the value.

3 Leading Tech Stocks I’d Buy On A Dip

The price of tech stocks like BABA, T and QCOM have been volatile, but they are likely to move up in the second half of the year.

Electric Cars: Why Toyota Will Be the Envy of the World

The market for electric cars has become another Gold Rush. Thousands will try to get rich quick — but only a select few who play it smart will make a fortune.

5 Tech Stocks That Are Far Too Risky Right Now

Many tech stocks are still facing significant headwinds, and these five companies are among the most worrisome.

Electric Cars: Rivals Are Teaming Up, It’s All About the ‘Jesus Battery’

Before they can meet the rising demand for electric cars, carmakers need to cut costs. And to do that, it's all about alliances. But for electric cars to really take off, it all comes down to the battery!

3 Big Reasons AMD Stock Is Just Starting Its Next Growth Surge

Advanced Micro Devices has finally turned a corner and there's plenty to like about its future. Here are three big reasons why AMD stock could surge over the long haul.

Why The Hot New Electric Car is a…Dyson

Most of you know Dyson for its vacuums, hand dryers and fans. But I, for one, have been waiting for its electric vehicle (EV) for years.

5 Tech Stocks Getting Crushed

The markets are in the red after the U.S. increased tariffs on China, and these 5 tech stocks are taking it on the chin.