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What’s Left at The Washington Post Company After Bezos’ Buy?

The paper is just a part of The Washington Post Company, but the question facing investors is whether WPO stock is attractive without it. More 

Jeff Bezos Buying Newspaper Publishing Business

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has agreed to buy The Washington Post, and several other publications for $250 million. Bezos bought the papers separate from Amazon. More 

Newsweek to Be Sold … Again

Newsweek has been purchased for an undisclosed amount by the owners of the International Business Times, its third sale in three years. More 

The Funny Thing About Newspaper Stocks

The more people deride newspapers as “irrelevant” or destined for the scrapheap, the better newspaper stocks perform. More 

What’s The Washington Post Thinking? Here’s One Possibility.

The Washington Post's acquisition of a manufacturer of utility monitors has left many scratching their heads. Here's one possible motive behind the deal. More 

Washington Post to Buy … Industrial Boilers Company

The Washington Post Company will pay an unspecified amount to acquire industrial boiler maker Forney Corp. from United Technologies. More 

Washington Post Buys Big Stake in Christian Site

The Washington Post Company is investing an undisclosed amount in the Christian website FaithStreet, which will publish the newspaper's On Faith blog. More