5 Music Stars Who Support GOP Candidates

by InvestorPlace Staff | February 19, 2012 6:27 pm

[1]In most cases, rock stars have not supported Republican candidates for president, or even the GOP itself.  How many times have we heard about a candidate borrowing a popular rock song, like Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” and the Ronald Reagan campaign borrowing it mistakingly as an unabashed anthem in support of the U.S.? This election season, though, things are different.

Politico has compiled a list of famous musicians who have thrown their support[2] to one of the Republican candidates for president. Below are five of the most interesting stars, and who they support.

Kelly Clarkson — Ron Paul

Kelly Clarkson, the winner of the first American Idol season and multi-Platinum recording artist, expressed her support for Texas Rep. Ron Paul in a December 29, 2011 tweet, though she also expressed doubts that Paul would actually win the GOP nomination.

Gene Simmons — Mitt Romney

In an interview with comicbookmovie.com[3], Gene Simmons, the bassist for famous rock band Kiss and reality TV star, said that Mitt Romney had a chance to be elected because of his business experience and ability to avoid high taxes.

Prodigy — Ron Paul

One half of East Coast rap group Mobb Deep (along with partner Havoc), Prodigy (also known as Albert Johnson) became familiar with Ron Paul while serving a three year prison sentence for illegally possessing a handgun[4]. Prodigy, who was released from prison in March 2011, said he “love[d] what he represents” and that he felt Paul could “shake things up a little bit”, but that he doubted Paul would get elected.

Joe Perry — Ron Paul

Long-time Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry posted his support for Paul and his opposition to President Barack Obama on Twitter on January 3, complaining that Obama hadn’t met his promises and that the media was out to “crush” Paul.

Dave Mustaine — Rick Santorum?

Dave Mustaine, the founder and frontman for Megadeth and an early member of Metallica until he was booted from the band, has waffled on whether or not he supports Rick Santorum for president. While an interview with musicradar.com[5] on Valentine’s Day seemed to endorse the former Pennsylvania Sen., the heavy metal legend later pulled back from his apparent endorsement[6]. “Contrary to how some people have interpreted my words, I have not endorsed any presidential candidate,” he said in a press release.“Contrary to how some people have interpreted my words, I have not endorsed any presidential candidate.”

For the complete list of music stars supporting GOP candidates, check out this Politico post[7].

— Benjamin Nanamaker, InvestorPlace Money & Politics Editor

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