7 States Fight to Save Cursive Handwriting

by Christopher Freeburn | November 15, 2013 10:58 am

us constitution[1]It might be a sign of the times. Under new federal educational guidelines, 45 states have halted efforts to teach cursive handwriting to students[2].

While cursive is out, typing is in under the new Common Core standards that are being adopted nationwide. However, the change isn’t sitting well with all teachers. In seven states, educators and lawmakers are opposing the shift away from cursive, UPI notes.

The idea that students would lose the ability to read cursive writing — in which many historical documents are written — has prompted a push to restore cursive instruction to schools in California, Indiana, Idaho, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maryland, Utah and Kansas.

Cursive is being abandoned as students rely increasingly on computers, tablets and other means of digital communication.

One North Carolina lawmaker leading a legislative effort to restore cursive to the state’s curriculum, said of the curly lettering, “We’re still using it in everyday things.” She expects the issue to have bipartisan support.

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