Anthony Weiner, Weatherman?

by William White | September 5, 2013 1:37 pm

NewLetters[1]Anthony Weiner, who is in fourth place for the democratic primary for mayor, lived out his dream[2] to be a weatherman on Wednesday.

Weiner stepped in front of the green screen during an appearance on Good Day New York on WNYW-TV, Channel 5. Standing in front of the green screen, Weiner noted that “This is my lifelong dream. I’m just not good looking enough to do this job.” Weiner gave predictions on the weather and even make a few comments concerning sports. He was surprised to learn that the weatherman has no teleprompter, reports The New York Daily News.

After giving his weather predictions, Weiner went on to talk about the other democratic candidates.

“These guys are from the same muck of municipal government we’ve had for years. If you want more of that, stick with it. If you want change, you’ve got me.”

Weiner’s run for Democratic primary for mayor likely started losing steam after he was caught in another sexting scandal[3] in July.

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