Awkward … Obamacare ‘Success Story’ Takes Embarrassing Turn

by Christopher Freeburn | November 20, 2013 10:18 am

Obama Close up Jobs Act Speech 630[1]President Barack Obama’s new health insurance program can’t seem to catch a break[2].

Just weeks after the president publicly touted the experience of a Washington state woman who had written him to express her thanks for the Affordable Care Act, the woman now says she can’t afford the insurance she was promised. Jessica Sanford had signed up for Obamacare through her state’s exchange and was initially told she qualified for tax credits that would have allowed her to purchase coverage for an affordable price, CNN notes.

However, after sending the president her letter, the Washington state health exchange contacted Sanford, informing her that it had made an error. It turns out she doesn’t qualify for the tax credits that were initially promised. The exchange has apologized to Sanford and to “thousands of other Washington state residents” who were given errant benefit calculations.

Without the tax credits, Sanford said the plans available through the exchange are probably too expensive for her to afford.

A White House spokesman said “we are certainly sorry as we can be” about Sanford’s situation.

On Tuesday, computer security experts told a congressional committee that the glitch-plagued federal health insurance exchange, which covers 36 states, did not possess the necessary technology to protect consumer data. Three out of the four experts questioned said the website should be shut down[3].

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