Chris Christie Won’t Deny a 2016 Presidential Run

by William White | October 9, 2013 2:22 pm

NewLetters[1]New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie won’t deny[2] a 2016 presidential run.

Christie is telling voters that he may not be able to complete his second term if he is voted into office again after the election. During a debate on Tuesday, Christie was asked about his political future. Christie responded that he wasn’t going to declare that he was running for president, but that he also wouldn’t declare that he isn’t. He later told a skeptical moderator that he could “walk and chew gum at the same time,” and that he could “do this job and also deal with my future.” Christie’s team has been collecting support from groups of Democrats, union workers, women and minorities. Other Republicans have had trouble attracting these groups, reports The Washington Post.

“The fact is there have been people talking about me running for president since 2010 and they all said I would do it in 2012 and I said I wouldn’t and I didn’t,” Christie told ABC News[3]. “And the fact is after 2017 I’m going to be looking for another job anyway.”

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