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CIA Admits Area 51 Exists

Area 51 revealed in historical U-2 documents


NewLettersThe CIA, in newly declassified documents, admitted to the existence of Area 51 on Thursday.

The CIA admitted to the existence of Area 51 in documents that were turned over to George Washington University’s National Security Archive. The documents are the history of the U-2 spy plane program and they mention Area 51. The documents have been reviewed in the past, but all references to Area 51 were removed from them. The documents say that test pilots of the U-2 found an abandoned airstrip next to a salt-bed lake. After examining the area the pilots believed it would be the perfect place to continue testing the U-2. The CIA then obtained the area from the Atomic Energy Commission, and referred to it by its map location, Area 51, reports USA Today.

The documents make no mention of Area 51 after 1974.

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