CNN Cancels Hillary Clinton Documentary

by William White | September 30, 2013 1:13 pm

NewLetters[1]CNN has decided to cancel its documentary[2] on Hillary Clinton after the film’s director left the project.

Charles Ferguson, who was the director of the documentary, left the project because he was put under pressure by Clintion’s aides and the Republican National Committee. According to Ferguson, he was interrogated by Clinton’s aide Nick Merrill. He also claimed that  Philippe Reines, who has been an adviser to Clinton, called CNN and interrogated various people and expressed his “concern about alleged conflicts of interest generated because my film was a for-profit endeavor.” Ferguson also said that the Republican National Committee decided not to include CNN as a potential debate sponsor in 2016 if the network continued with the documentary. CNN said that it won’t seek another director for the film and that it is cancelling the project, reports USA Today.

“I still believe that Mrs. Clinton has many virtues including great intelligence, fortitude, and a deep commitment to bettering the lives of women and children worldwide,” Ferguson wrote in a Huffington Post[3] blog. “But this is not her finest hour.”

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