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Colbert Super PAC Out-Fundraises Ron Paul’s

But other presidential candidate Super PACs dwarf comedian's take


Colbert’s Super PAC maybe a joke, but very few would deny it has some serious fundraising chops. Among those who might agree are the forces behind Ron Paul’s Super PAC.

In documents filed with the Federal Election Commission in March, Colbert’s Super PAC raised $44,000 in March, and is currently sitting on $794,000. In contrast, Ron Paul’s Super PAC, Take Endorse Liberty, raised only $13,000 in March and has just $54,000 in its accounts currently. This even after starting with a $1.7 million donation from PayPal (now an eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) subsidiary) founder Peter Thiel.

The amount of money Colbert’s Super PAC has brought in pales in comparison to what other presidential candidate Super PACs have raised, though. Restore our Future, Mitt Romney’s Super PAC, has $16.5 million cash-in-hand, while President Barack Obama’s Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, has $5 million in the bank. Last month, Gingrich’s Super PAC, Winning Our Future, received $5 million.

— Benjamin Nanamaker, InvestorPlace Money & Politics Editor

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