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Ruling: College Athletes Can Form Unions

The ruling could bring major changes to the NCAA


The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), ruled on Thursday, that college athletes have the right to form unions.


The NLRB ruling was made during a case where athletes from Northwestern University’s football team wanted to form a union. The ruling means that college athletes will have the right to form unions and fight for their rights. One of the arguments for the change was that football players spend anywhere from 40 to 50 hours a week on the sport, which is the equivalent of a full-time job, reports Businessweek.

“It’s like preparing so long for a big game and then when you win – it is pure joy,” Ramogi Huma, a former UCLA linebacker, told the Associated Press.

The ruling could result in lawsuits that are currently against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) getting a boost. If this happen, the whole system for how college athletes are treated could experience major changes, Businessweek notes.

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