Commerce Secretary Cited for Hit-and-Run, Suffered Seizure

by Christopher Freeburn | June 11, 2012 11:30 am

While traveling in California over the weekend, U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson was cited by police for felony hit-and-run and briefly hospitalized for a seizure[1].

The Secretary was driving his Lexus, without a security detail, when he struck a Buick from behind, ABC News reports.

After speaking with the driver of the other car, Bryson drove away, striking the Buick a second time. The Buick’s driver followed Bryson’s car and telephoned the police.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Bryson unconscious. He was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries.

This morning the Commerce Department said that Bryson had been treated for a seizure at the hospital.

A Commerce Department spokesperson noted that Bryson had been kept overnight “for observation,” and had returned to Washington.

The traffic incident is under investigation, according to the Commerce Department.

An unnamed source inside the Commerce Department told ABC News that Bryson received medication, but didn’t know whether the seizure preceded or followed the collision with the Buick.

A White House advisor, speaking on a weekend news program called the incident “concerning.”

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