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Obamacare Deadline Extended for In-Process Applicants

Mar 26, 2014, 12:10 pm EDT

The government has decided to have the Obamacare deadline extended in order to allow more Americans to enroll without a penalty. Source:

The Obama administration set March 31 as the deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. However, Americans who were unable to complete their enrollment before March 31 will now get more time to get their health care without a penalty.

The government was originally going to impose penalties that would’ve set people back by as much as 1% of their income. This is not the case anymore thanks to the decision to have the Obamacare deadline extended. Read 

Secret Service Agents Sent Home for Bad Behavior

Mar 26, 2014, 11:12 am EDT

Three Secret Service agents were sent home prior to President Barack Obama’s trip to the Netherlands for bad behavior.

Source: The Secret Service agents were sent home after one of them was found drunk in a Dutch hotel. All of the agents were part of Obama’s Counter Assault Team (CAT) and were sent home on administrative leave. One of the agents taken off of Obama’s security detail was a team leader, reports the Associated Press.

While only one of the Secret Service agents was intoxicated, the other two were also put on leave because they didn’t intervene to stop the other agent’s drinking. Both of the agents were in a position that they could have intervened or at least helped the drunk agent, but he was instead found by hotel staff, the Associated Press notes. Read 

Affordable Care Act: When Is the Obamacare Deadline?

Mar 25, 2014, 11:18 am EDT

Americans who don’t yet have health insurance have just days to sign up for a policy or face a tax penalty when they file their 2014 taxes. Source: Flickr

The official deadline for individuals to obtain health insurance under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act — commonly known as Obamacare — is March 31. Americans who don’t enroll by the Obamacare deadline could wind up paying the IRS a penalty of $95 per adult or 1% of their household’s annual income, whichever is higher, the Post and Courier notes.

Under Obamacare, that tax penalty has been dubbed the “individual shared responsibility payment.” The penalty will be increased in 2015 and 2016. Read 

Indiana Becomes First State to Drop Common Core Standards

Mar 25, 2014, 9:28 am EDT

On Monday, Mike Pence, the Republican Governor of Indiana, signed a law making the Hoosier state the first to abandon controversial nationwide educational standards known as Common Core. Source: Flickr

Common Core was initially designed by educational experts working with the National Governors Association. It was meant to establish learning math and language requirements for students from kindergarten through grade 12. The initiative has been strongly promoted by the Obama administration through its Race to the Top program. Ironically, Indiana was the first state to adopt Common Core in 2010, the Wall Street Journal notes.

In fact, Common Core has already been adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia. However, a rising chorus of criticism over Common Core standards has begun to erode support for the initiative. Opponents of Common Core say that the nationwide standards effectively weaken local control and compromise state sovereignty. Read 

NYC 9/11 Museum Opening Date Set for May 21

Mar 24, 2014, 1:56 pm EDT

The 9/11 Museum opening date for the general public is on May 21, 2014. Source:

The museum will be located in New York City and it will explore the events of 9/11 and the continuing significance of those events. The 9/11 Museum opening date is on May 21, but it will open six days before that for 9/11 family members and first responders.

There will also be a memorial exhibition called “In Memoriam” that pays tribute to the 2,983 men, women and children killed on 9/11 and in the Feb. 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Read 

Prime Minister Blocks Twitter in Turkey

Mar 21, 2014, 10:27 am EDT

Twitter users in Turkey say that they are experiencing problems connecting to the popular social messaging service after the country’s prime minister promised to crack down on the digital network. Source: Flickr

At a political event on Thursday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told followers that he would “eradicate” Twitter. Erdogan added that criticism over his moves from other countries “doesn’t concern me one bit,” warning that “they will see the power of the Turkish Republic.” The Turkish government has accused Twitter of failing to remove certain links from its website, in defiance of orders from Turkish courts, and said blocking Twitter was a “last resort,” CNN notes.

Social media in Turkey has been buzzing with leaks about a corruption probe involving high-ranking officials linked to the prime minister. The scandal comes less than two weeks ahead of municipal elections in the country. Read 

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