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U.S. May Expand Large Electronics Ban to European Flights

The ban includes laptops and tablets


There’s talk that the United Stats may expand its large electronics ban to include flights from Europe.

U.S. May Expand Large Electronics Ban to European FlightsThis large electronics ban would make it so that passengers flying from Europe to the United States wouldn’t be allowed to use devices bigger than a smartphone during the flight. A similar ban is already in place for flights from North Africa and several Middle East countries.

The goal of the ban is to stop potential terrorists from using the large batteries in these devices as homemade bombs. An incident of this occurred last year during a Somalian flight, but it didn’t crash the plane.

While several sources claim that the expansion of the large electronics ban is coming, there has been no official word on the change. Instead, the Department of Homeland Security said that it is “continuously assessing security directives based on intelligence and will make changes when necessary to keep travelers safe,” reports MarketWatch.

If the Department of Homeland Security does chose to expand the large electronic ban, it would likely be an inconvenience to many travelers. The ban would require them to include their large devices, such as laptops and tablets, with their checked luggage.

The original large electronics ban went into place on March 31. Customers traveling on these flights may want to avoid bringing laptops and tablets altogether. Many airlines aren’t liable for damage during travel. Those that do bring such devices will want to package them well and make sure they have a password on them. It is also recommend to fully shutdown the devices, not just put them in sleep mode, CNNMoney notes.

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