Eric Holder Calls for Reduced Drug Sentences for Low-Level Offenses

by William White | March 13, 2014 11:09 am

Attorney General Eric Holder is pushing for reduced drug sentences[1] for non-violent offenders.


Eric Holder is set to show his support for reduced drug sentences for traffickers that aren’t violent to the U.S. Sentencing Commission today. He is expected to talk about other programs that could be used as punishment, such as community service. Holder also claims that heavy sentences only serve to increase financial, moral and human cost, reports the Associated Press.

Eric Holder’s suggestions for new drug sentences could lower the average sentence for drug trafficking from 62 months to 51 months[3].

Not everyone agrees with Eric Holder’s suggestion of reducing punishment for non-violent drug traffickers.

“Rewarding convicted felons with lighter sentences because America can’t balance its budget doesn’t seem fair to both victims of crime and the millions of families in America victimized every year by the scourge of drugs in America’s communities,” Raymond Morrogh, the top prosecutor in Fairfax County, Va., told the Associated Press.

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