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FAA OKs Tablet, E-Reader Use for Entire Flight

Still, no talking on cellphones during flight


NewLettersThe Federal Aviation Administration gave the OK for passengers to use their smartphones and tablets during flights, but are still restricting taking on phones.

The much-anticipated (and expected) ruling sets the stage for device usage in the coming months, but use will be set by the individual airlines, so times could vary.

From the Associated Press:

Under the new guidelines, airlines whose planes are properly protected from electronic interference may allow passengers to use the devices during takeoffs, landings and taxiing, the FAA said. Most new airliners and other planes that have been modified so that passengers can use Wifi at higher altitudes are expected to meet the criteria.

At the same time, connecting to the Internet will still be prohibited below 10,000 feet.

Passengers will be told to switch their smartphones, tablets and other devices to airplane mode. So, still no Words With Friends, the online Scrabble-type game that actor Alec Baldwin was playing on his smartphone in 2011 when he was famously booted off an American Airlines jet for refusing to turn off the device while the plane was parked at the gate. And heavier devices such as laptops will continue to have to be stowed because of concern they might injure someone if they go flying around the cabin.

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