Federal Gov’t Imposing Slim-Down on Snacks Sold at School

by William White | June 27, 2013 12:35 pm

NewLetters[1]Schools across the United States are going to be a lot less sweet after July 1, 2014[2], according to new federal rules released Thursday.

The new rules will force snacks to contain lower amounts of fat, salt and sugar. The rule will affect more than 50 million children attending over 100,000 schools that are part of the federal school lunch program, reports Reuters.

The rules apply only to food sold on school grounds during the day. After-school activities such as sporting events won’t be included in the changes.

These new rules also will affect snacks sold in vending machines[3], a la carte items in the cafeteria, and bake sales.

In another effort to provide healthier options, most schools agreed earlier this year to stop ordering meat that contained “pink slime.”[4]

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