Former Pro-Obama Super PAC Agrees to Help Clinton

by | January 24, 2014 8:00 am


The previously Barack Obama-oriented super PAC Priorities USA Action will now raise money in hopes of electing Hillary Clinton president[2] in 2016.

The move marks possibly the earliest start ever to courting large donors for a non-incumbent presidential candidate, more than two years in advance of the next presidential election. It further cements Clinton’s status as a front-runner for the Democratic nod — assuming she choose to run for office.

In addition, the super PAC has named two new directors to head the group, further strengthening the organization’s focus on electing Clinton and providing a potential Clinton presidential run with the backing of Obama’s fund-raising skills. Jim Messina, who was Obama’s campaign manager in 2012, and former Michigan Gov. and ardent Clinton backer Jennifer Granholm, will co-chair the super PAC.

Former field directors for Obama’s re-election campaign have also pledged to work with the super PAC Ready for Hillary, which is working on grass-roots fundraising and smaller donors. Priorities USA Action, on the other hand, will be seeking out mega-donors. In the 2012 election, the group spent $67 million on attack ads against Republican candidate Mitt Romney, an amount they’re hoping to surpass in the next election.

While the group’s plans for the general election seem crystal clear, it’s uncertain how they will behave if there is a primary campaign in the Democratic party, especially if Vice President Joe Biden makes a run. Also unclear is what the group would do if Clinton decides against running in 2016.

If she does make a run, though, she will have powerful allies and plenty of money on her side.

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