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Herman Cain’s Success Lies in the Black Vote

Obama's dismal four years gives Cain a legitimate chance


Can a GOP President Fix The Economy?Americans cast 131 million votes in the 2008 presidential election. Barack Obama received 9,522,083 million more votes than did John McCain, and a swing of less than 5 million votes would have put McCain, rather than Obama, in the White House.

Americans were rightfully fed up with George W. Bush and his cabal of neocon nation builders. The Bush record was low-hanging fruit for any Democrat contender, especially against another neocon sympathizer with little conservative support. McCain ran a lousy campaign. There is no other way to characterize it. In went an unknown Barack Obama with nothing in the way of a presidential résumé.

Under Obama, America, for the first time in history, has lost its AAA-credit rating. Obama jammed through his intrusive Obamacare, among the most divisive pieces of legislation in history. The president’s policies of income redistribution have led to an unemployment rate that still stands at a staggering 9.1%, despite profligate spending of the highest order in combination with full-scale money printing at the Fed. Along the way, Obama has sent two ultra-liberal justices to lifetime jobs at the Supreme Court. The mess in Iraq and Afghanistan continues unabated.

If the president has any idea what to do next, he is hiding his plan from Americans. Obama is the most destructive president of my lifetime. And to get re-elected in 2012, Obama now has gone on the class warfare attack — while saying otherwise. And Obama deserves to be a one-term president.

Who has the best chance of unseating Obama in the 2012 election? A number of scenarios make sense — and none include Mitt Romney. who is the worst-positioned to attack Obamacare. I like Ron Paul’s positions, if not his debating skills and occasional gaffes. Michelle Bachmann brings energy and a strong stand on fiscal prudence. The Texas jobs creator, Rick Perry, holds a lot of appeal for the Tea Party, but a Texas folksy debating style is no bonus. As governors, Romney and Perry have records that, like any, can be mercilessly picked apart by the opposition. Newt Gingrich is gangbusters on the issues but is of the neocon persuasion and seems to be gaining little traction. Nonetheless, Newt is a powerful debater and should not be dismissed.

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