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Highlights From Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech

Former president gives lengthy, passionate defense of Democrats, Obama


Former President Bill Clinton took advantage of his prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention last night, unleashing a 48 minute speech that argued passionately on behalf of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.

Clinton showed off his strong speaking chops, mixing policy with emotion and laying out plainly the reasons why voters should follow the Democrats’ lead on everything from creating jobs to education to foreign policy.

It was a speech reminiscent of the centrism that got Clinton elected in 1992 and re-elected in 1996, and the former president turned to that ideal again and again, arguing that Obama and the Democrats were the party of centrists, that cooperation was the best way to get things done in politics, and that Republicans were obstructing attempts to get things done in D.C.

It was also a speech full of classic lines from Clinton, such as:

  • “When Congressman Ryan looked into that TV camera and attacked President Obama’s Medicare savings as ‘the biggest, coldest power play,’ I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Key cuts that $716 billion is exactly to the dollar the same amount of medicare savings that he had in his own budget. It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did.”
  • “Their campaign pollster said, ‘We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.’ Now that is true. I couldn’t have said it better myself — I just hope you remember that every time you see the ad.”
  • “We simply cannot afford to turn the reins of government over to someone who will double down on trickle-down.”
  • “Though I often disagree with Republicans, I actually never learned to hate them the way the far right that now controls their party seems to hate our president and a lot of other Democrats.”
  • ”We believe ‘we’re all in this together’ is a far better philosophy than ‘you’re on your own.’

For more interesting lines from Clinton’s DNC speech, check out this Politico article.

— Benjamin Nanamaker, InvestorPlace Money & Politics Editor

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