House Passes Farm Bill Without Food Stamp Funds

by William White | July 12, 2013 12:05 pm

NewLetters[1]Republications managed to get the farm bill through the House on Thursday.

The Farm Bill passed yesterday with a vote of 216-to-208[2]. The bill had been put to vote in June, but was shot down 234-195[3].

After this failed attempt, the GOP split the farm bill[4] into two by removing the food stamp funds from it.

This change, and the passing of the bill, marks the first time since 1973 that food stamps have not been part of the farm bill, reports The News York Times.

“We wanted separation, and we got it,” Representative Marlin Stutzman, Republican of Indiana, told NYT. “You’ve got to take these wins when you can get them.”

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank D. Lucas (R-Okla.) told NYT that he would attempt to draft a separate food stamp bill “as soon as I can achieve a consensus.”

The bill is set to make major changes to agricultural policies, including a $195 billion package of subsidies for farmers, and an end to direct subsidies to farmers, reports The Washington Post[5].

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