Letter: Air Force One Costs Go Beyond Plane

by Letters to the Editor | March 5, 2012 5:58 pm

This is but a small piece of presidential travel.  In 1996, I managed the re-election support aircraft out of Andrews AFB.  Along with AF One costs, there is the issue of the backup AF One that flies to a nearby military base such as Travis AFB, near San Francisco, and then shadows the aircraft for any other stops.

Next, we have countless C-5’s and C-17’s that fly the communication gear, limos and any other support that is needed.  I would venture to say that for every hour AF One flies, you can double for the backup aircraft and maybe 4-5 hours more in support aircraft for every hour flown by AF One.  So the cost for aircraft hours is more like $700,000.00 per AF One hour of flying.  On a campaign trip that cost is not reimbursed.  So the tax payer would be much better off just giving the president the expected take for the campaign fund raiser.

— Bob Marcott, California

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