Letter: Florida Food Stamp Bill Unenforceable

by Letters to the Editor | February 2, 2012 9:34 am

This is a futile effort because it is unenforceable. Who is going to be the enforcer, the teenage cashier at the grocery store checkout? This is basic stuff and common sense. Anytime a rule, regulation, or policy is established, it must contain three components: the standard (what the law is), the conditions (circumstances surrounding the need for the law, mitigating and extenuating), and the method of enforcement as measured against the standards. If an action cannot clearly and completely fulfill all three of these components, then quit wasting time and energy and move on to something else. Of course, in this case, the better effort would be to strive to establish conditions and an environment where these people do not require food stamps.

— Don Hanson, Smithfield, Va.

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